The Search Within

Hunger they said makes you live and die
Fire in the belly is what it all takes
Someone you would love to be there for
And just come back to your personal cocoon of thoughts
Again getting up to a subtle morning
One more sunshine faced
One more moonlight deciphered
One more wish to run for
One more regret awaited
Today Tomorrow
Past Present and Future
Yes everything is certain but again
a little bit of uncertainty
Yes that is what a human birth
all about
Take birth, run, fall, cry, smile, be happy
be content, feel satisfied, feel peaceful
and one more time
just leave the body alone
for the soul has to fly
for the within is tired of the fry
and yet you know the words won’t end
the desires are clandestine
the secrets are burning
the eyes are awaiting your dearth
Forget today about what tomorrow will happen
Go out travel one more measure
and yet come back empty handed
that is how you came
that is how you shall go
that is how you leave
that is how you learn to weave
the surreal emotions mild
today tomorrow morning and tonight
Again from a writer’s diary
the spilled ink
the broken nib
they shall call you
for one more birth~

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  1. Rutaba Tariq October 2, 2013 @ 10:58 am

    Nice (:

  2. 3.14-eater October 8, 2013 @ 6:55 am

    Great message… but should've controlled the randomness this time 😛

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