My Stroke of Luck- Book Review

Title:- My Stroke of Luck
Author:- Vijay Santhanam
Published by:- Hay House Publishers
Year of Publication:- 2013
Number of Pages:- 231
Genre:- Inspirational

Inspiration. Yes the word even makes my day and possibly defines my Life. The approach and the way we live our lives defines what we are going to make out of it. This is something I believe in since a long time now, but who knew that the faith is going to be restored way more and that too this soon.
I received this book in the midst of time I had just achieved something due to my determination that is I had struggled a lot for getting a job and my efforts had paid well to land in to a good company. This book is a complete journey of a man who hasn’t given up and taken life in such a way which ultimately I’d say each one of us should take to lead a better, successful and a happy Life.
Vijay, in this book has took us in various directions of our Life where we do go weak and again grow up strong and it is a very well woven story where he has depicted the whole narration from the time he suffered a stroke to the phase he almost gave up and back. The flow of the book is really nice where there are a lot of insights put in so that when the book is read by anyone around, it is simple to relate and know, how and when a stroke could possibly attack you, how and what the consequences you might have to face and ultimately how the human brain plays to get the recovery fast. Kainaz, his wife and her efforts in supporting him, taking care of their son and the way Vijay’s friends always were there makes it very relatable again that how friends  play a subtle role in our life and sometimes they become more than even the family.
Overall the book was a really nice read, but there are good and bad points to everything. So personally I would like to point a few things which I felt were a little irritating. One, I would say there are a lot of explanations given in brackets in between the lines which are fair enough but they somehow break the reader’s flow, Secondly, I would say the justification of to and fro of the chapters of the book was something I feel not needed, one would have understood once they reach the end, Thirdly, I felt there was promotion of a lot of other authors, websites and everything which is good but somehow I felt it was just a little more than required.
Now talking about the Pros to end the review on a positive note, as the author himself took care of doing it in every chapter, the book overall is very motivating to the generation right now which is facing a lot of strokes and relapses, the information shared in the book regarding the human brain, the art and science of the enormity of it and the way it works is something very wonderfully explained and lastly the approach that how to live life, which personally I feel the same, has been conveyed to the point. So according to me not only the book is worth but the message and the way it is shared is very beautiful.
Lastly, I’d like to say that the way author has lived up his life and made it to write this book is something which inspired me to a great extent. So, I’d like to thank you Mr. Vijay Santhanam for writing this book and inspiring a million. Keep it up!

Ashwin Dodani

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  1. 3.14-eater September 2, 2013 @ 2:44 am

    Ok, decent review. But I will be harsh on you 🙂 as it's kinda what I do. Few pointers:

    Played VERY safe as far as the critique part goes. To the point of making a reader think that the book has only formatting flaws (a great thing to notice in the first place, well done) and few loopholes in the story itself… or that no part of the story could be done in a better way.

    Strongly recommended : Please take utmost care of grammar. Especially where to put caps and where not to. It's a crime to put caps in wrong places, if you know what I mean 😉 All punctuation marks including commas. I like the way you wrote review in very simple English with no flowery words to deal with. That was good. But need to be very strict with the grammar that you use.

    You could've done the "story plot" paragraph in a more organized way. Apparently, the story goes into various directions. But there's only mention of the major event in the story, a stroke and recovery.

    When you say "..I’d like to say that the way author has lived up his life..", I'd like to know in a short sentence what he's done to end up writing a book so that I'm not clueless and would in more likelihood look him up.

    The genre is 'Inspiration'. I was looking for the inspiration part in the way you wrote the review. and could indeed find it. So that's a plus.

    Happy reviewing!

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