Mind Games

To start with this post, the first thing I would say that to write this article is also a result of an inculcation of many mind games at once. The gist of the post would be something you would feel you know but there are many things in Life we know but we don’t realize.
I might not be a very experienced person in Life but again as they say experience doesn’t always come with age, so I am just sharing what I felt a few weeks back and until now to write and express out here. You always read a lot of poems and spiritual articles in this space but this is something real what I am writing and you would realize that yes you have observed that too.
The title of this post justifies to what Life we are living and what we think, decide and act to do. The basic idea is something you have heard from a lot of famous and experienced people and this is just one more reproduction of the same thought. All what we receive and do are the actions of our thoughts and everything what we desire can only be achieved once it has entered our thought process and will. But again its not always the things to achieve in Life but some intangibles which we fail to handle and then go in to more depression. Yes, the word depression is even so depressing. But that’s how it starts, when we start bringing it to our mind, when you think Oh! I am depressed or I feel depressed, you start experiencing it immediately and then the intensity starts rising and we don’t even know when it takes over our mind. The point made here is, that the way we travel from one thought to action, the same can be used to get out of it as well.
For example, today you might have started your day on a very bad note, like on the tasteless coffee or the punctured tyre or reaching office late and lack of sleep but what will really change your day is the first thought to change it. If you decide to make it a better day all you can do is think of options which would make it better. For example, if you smoke you just take a stroll amid the crowded lane watch everyone in their activity reach the pan parlor, have your session, feel good about it, trash the bad thought and start your day back on a relieved note. Or for an instance you reach a place where the coffee is amazing always and you have another awesome cup of coffee with a little amount of music to calm yourself down, pamper your taste buds and move on. These are just examples of alternatives of how you could in a jiff change the situations, divert your mind, do what you like and get back to routine. This was about routine, lets talk about relationships.
There would be no successful relationship which wouldn’t have gone through ups and downs but those who would matter and those who matter to you, both will stay no matter what. Now the most important realization of our Life is to stop blaming each other for things happening in your Life. One basic realization as I said is the first thought, you decided to get angry or irritated, you  spitted the frustration out and then it went to a higher level of sadness and gloom. You’d say in mind its too easy to say but when it comes to reality its tough where I would say this first thought is only wrong, you need to realize that what is important is the peace between you two and not the temporary wrath. All you could do is choose to stay silent for a little while, calm yourself down and then talk it out with a right frame of mind or at that same moment you decide to divert the topic, ignore for a while and make the note lighter to let both come to a feasible state of mind. See no one is a relationship expert ever because no two relations are same ever but what happens in every relationship should just be taken care of the two persons and not anyone else. A very important point here is that, even if you take a day of silence to talk it out, that is fine but don’t involve someone in you two which wouldn’t have seen the best part of you both and would distract you according to his/her experiences in life. Also the more you stay away the weaker it becomes, the sooner you realize that the person is important and not the argument, the sooner you talk it out or let go, the more your relationship would blossom and stay. I am no one to tell you what to do but I can certainly be someone who would say, this can be done, because its on a positive note and anyone who would make you both closer, makes you realize the optimistic view of Life and relationships should always be retained, appreciated and given time. Most of the times we feel that we cannot talk out with the partner just because of being judged or misunderstood but we forget that they decided to be with you inspite of all the consequences at that point of time and if they really accepted you that day, there can be no other day they would reason out to leave and if they do, feel yourself lucky to have a chance to be with someone who wouldn’t.
After talking about relationships, lets get to the psyche of Parents and Children. You wouldn’t believe but infants play mind games too. Yes, when they need someone and they cry, these are unintentional mind games, they are dependent on you and they believe that you would do anything for them and so they start making themselves pampered and as a Parent you would definitely want to take utmost care. When it comes to Parents, in a way when they live with their children and bring them up, a mature set of parents study the way their child behaves with age and know how to tackle them to one, retain them, second, take them to the right direction and three, keep them aware and safe. Not just they do this for your protection but also for they possibly know that in worst situation how would you react and feel, so if they tell you today don’t do this, they are just knowing how would you feel later.
Last but not the least, lets talk about FRIENDS. As we all have heard the phrase “Friends with Benefits” doesn’t this first thought give you a mind game sort of feeling. I would say this phrase would be the first step to a negative connotation to friendship which in turn lead to all the negative feelings around it take birth, like selfishness, betrayal, cheating, pride and what not. In friendship we go through most of the feelings like this and we all would have experienced one friend who changed but then before brewing that thought, you have to realize your deeds around them, not everyone changes because they wanted to, but they do when you silently did. Again its our own first change to receive something as the same, we should know that “What goes around, comes around.” works wonders and even if in this thought you would do good, you will form a habit of staying in the light of Optimism, Faith, Hope and Love.
I know this has become one of the longest articles I have ever written but if you have reached to this line and reading this, realize you made me write this and this is not the first but the second thought because the article is already written now.
Ashu 🙂

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