Picture Perception II

Finally, the day has arrived and I just can’t believe how two weeks just flew away since I proposed this initiative. A few entries have come up and this time they have contradicted the phrase of “The more, The merrier.” because they are less but reading each one is a treat. So, I hereby present all your entries. Take a ride:


Since time immemorial I’ve been waiting for you and finally you came after an eternal longing. How much had I missed you, no gods can ever know that. You arrived in a basket with our sweet kind and I recall people telling me that the last words of my grandfather were about you.

I’ve brought him his favorite, mangoes. I’ve kept them on the ceiling. Whenever he wakes feast him.”

Alas! I woke to see him gone forever. But you remained and I believe his soul resides in you and every entity of your kind.

Whenever I consume you my spirit gets quenched. So I become a nocturnal vampire to rip you apart and drink your Golden blood to stay immortal.

My lust for you will never end and my love for you will never cease evolving. Oh! MANGO, Lord of all fruits you Unchained me thus I extol you.

“I would wait for you, till the end of times. Rain or summer, I will wait for you. My eyes would still bear the anxiousness, my fingers would still fidget, with the hope that you would come back, with a hope that I would see you again.I am still waiting, still looking for your return. Many rains have passed, summers have shone and autumns have come and gone, but I still wait. And as time wears, it turns me into a stone. But I would still wait, until my end and more even after that…”


A beautiful day it was. Was out gallivanting with friends. We were on our way to Heaven a.k.a Marine Drive. A lonely mist hung in the air, giving a comfy feel to the skyline. A slight drizzle fell from above, as if to make the scene more paradisiac. Shadowed in the black and white scene, was one tiny bright pink flower. He was standing behind me, smiling at the giggles and the awe that we girls were exhibiting. He was old…wearing ragged clothes…he looked dull…but there was a smile that brightened the atmosphere. He tapped me and smiled and asked the directions to a nearby place. I promptly answered and was smiled at with a thank you in return. He then took out another pink flower from his pocket and placed it next to mine. He said,”Aaj main rab hun. Maine bana di Jodi.” And smiled and walked away.


It had been an eventful day. We’d absorbed a lot of chlorine treated water and Sun had almost leached out the whole essence of melanin from our skins. Sun was sulking down in a drenched corner of earth when we decided to take a ride in the Ferris wheel – a giant rotating vertical ring, embedded with tiny windows for momentary entertainment of men, women and children. Time passed and we were stuffed inside a cage, seven of us – three guys, four girls; this wasn’t meant to entertain us. All of them were busy yapping, taking photographs of one another while I was virtually enjoying a free fall from the highest point in my imagination, looking down at the horrid might of Earth.

The bubble burst, I evolved into a drop and kissed the ground. I fell from the sky like a raindrop.

They stayed back in the clouds. Unnerved.


Writers block, chaos, too much to do and nothingness. When I came across the idea of this post, I wanted to do it, anyhow for the very thought of giving a moment to rejoice memories.

I couldn’t think of one picture, I felt I wanted to relive so many. Watching TV and the victims of flood in Uttarakhand reminded me how luck are we to sit by the window pane with the simple pleasures of life- rain drops, coffee and music to let the thoughts flow.

Thinking of the blessings, I didn’t know a better thing I could thank God for. We all have our dreams, mine are in the list of some big ones. Touching a dream only makes you join the hunt more aggressively, I am on. From little blessings to big joys, God has his own way of telling us- ‘You are special!’


4th October, 2012.
Gulmarg, Kashmir.
“I wandered lonely as a cloud”

So Gulmarg’s cable car or Gondola is the highest Gondola of the world. It’s 13400 ft above sea level. I took it last year. And wasn’t I glad? Once I got on top there, all I could see were clouds. Clouds, almost touching me. Not only it was cold and freezing, it was serene. It felt in that moment as though everything had come to a standstill. As though there is nothing left to see or do after this. As though I belonged to that place, that moment, those clouds.


Unlock words
And there will be a way
Open your heart & say
The feelings intense inside
The emotions bottled up right.
Save a relation
Don’t let it burn to ashes
Rescue it, for
Later you might
Cry about
Fingers Burnt.
Reconcile with your heart
In which someone else dwell.
Love is the only treasure
In this ruthless world
Many will pass by
But not to stay
To deceive, to delude
To betray, be crude.
Don’t let the one suffer
Who is true…
Disengage with silence
Break through
Mouth your heart out
For true love cross your path
Once in a lifetime.
Hold their hand
& relish life gleefully.
Unlock your mind
Let ego subside
Appreciate their existence
In your life
Consecrate yourself to the heart
Of that being.

Thanks to each and everyone of you who participated, who read and those who appreciated the idea. Its because of all of you that initiatives like this become successful.

Much Love,

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  1. 3.14-eater June 21, 2013 @ 12:41 pm

    OMG OMG OMG…… :((( I'm so sorry I missed it :'(

  2. gairo June 21, 2013 @ 1:55 pm

    ya nice collection.

  3. varsha kalyani June 21, 2013 @ 4:58 pm

    Each entry has its own undefinable beauty 🙂 Lovely

  4. Rutaba Tariq June 27, 2013 @ 2:24 pm

    I love the entry by @Fernwehic.
    A very cute idea overall, sadly I missed it. Even though I starred your mail.-_-
    Time flies. 😐

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