Before you start reading this post, you read the title and by the time you read it, all what flashed between was a mixture of stray thoughts or recent past or just what you were doing at the present or just a face you remembered. It can be anything but all I just want to convey through this post is a very important thing is that Past as perceived, is not as destroying as it seems. Call me an optimist or anything but yes I have taken a very important flow through my mind to let you all know that how we are affecting each day due to the so called PAST. So let me break it in to four parts and explain:
P-Present: We all know that in day to day life which we are living right now is not just a part of things you do like right now, but there are many things in your head which would consist from an earlier regret to a future insecurity. What is important is to know, as many of them have already said that the present is not supposed to be affected by the past or the future but practically if we see not even one of us is successful in diverting 100% of our energies in to just the present and it is totally alright because we as a human promote planning and strategy as well so without that a human mind cannot work properly or in a sync.
A-Agonies’: Talking about the part which harasses us today are the mistakes we committed in the past. We feel saturated or agitated many of the times by remembering and cursing ourselves for our decisions and then we blame that our day was ruined and we couldn’t perform in a way we are capable of. But the real thing is choice, choice to look over your mistakes, but yes to grab the learning from that and not repeat it. I know even this thing you might have read but at the end of the post I will explain you that how this as a whole is affecting our minds and how each part is important forming our past, present and future.
S-Sequential: Each day we have a regular format of our lives, like to get up, get ready, have our breakfast, look through the newspaper, take some time with the elders, enjoy the nature, go to work/school, do all the daily chores and meanwhile we are busy doing all this, there is a sequence of thoughts which keep us glued to take us back to somewhere we lie in our weaknesses and strengths, some beautiful part of our lives which we visit daily just to get the smile back on the lips, a part of our sorrows which makes us a little gloomy and a few of the sections of our survival which brings the practical part of ourselves out to live a good life.
T-Thoughts: At last I would like to say that THOUGHTS. They rule us actually, not even situations, not even people, not even any part of your life, but thoughts, they rule. The quality of thoughts is very important to bifurcate your past, present and future and also important to bring to reality the actual quality of Life. We don’t give much importance and after reading such articles we get back to our normal selves and keep worrying, be sad, depressed, doing nothing and feeling that all these things just look good in words but the reality is that once we start working on the thought process and control ourselves and our thoughts, no one can control us. We need to know that our mind was built to be controlled and not to be controlled by. Its all in the head as they say.
So the post comes to an end by conveying, PAST means Present Agonies’ Sequential Thoughts which in all gives a gist that the shadow of the agony of the past and the future not only ruins the present but it blocks you from the learning of the past mistakes and brings a major wall between you from looking to the aspects of a beautiful future. So, today decide that you won’t let anything control your thoughts and mind, but you will annihilate the negativity around, let the goodness surround and build a life in a way you wished, not with the help of a bruised ego but with a set of a positive mindset.

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  1. Dreamy-Watery-Eyes June 17, 2013 @ 8:43 am

    Good read!

  2. The Mentalist June 17, 2013 @ 11:02 am

    Good One 🙂

  3. varsha kalyani June 25, 2013 @ 5:38 pm

    Liked the last two stanza more, you summed up nicely 🙂

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