JFK – Jhangir Kerawala

Title:- JFK
Author:- Jhangir Kerawala
Published by:- Grey Oak Publishers
Year of Publication:- 2012
Number of Pages:- 225
Genre:- Fiction

As soon as I finished the book, one thing I thought that the beauty of the book was in it’s simple language, the plot which was neatly done and the image which one could easily paint to live a book. The author wanted the fiction readers to enjoy the book and so it was a bit elongated to keep the track interesting and the fluctuations were done nicely. The twists and turns in the book weren’t much, but though the present were powerful enough to make any reader shout, “What?”
To start with, the book gives an introduction of Jatin Karunamoi, who is a middle aged man struggling to get a job in the city of Kolkata. It describes about his life and the unemployment which has taken over his head and ruined his personal life as well. Jatin is married and has a 21 year old son and her wife’s name is Renu. Then Manish Mondal is been introduced, who is one of the closest friend of Jatin and Jatin’s daily schedule included a meeting with Manish in the evening, when they used to discuss all about their life and recent events of their Life. Also Montu, their common friend who is known for his humor, is introduced and is someone who joined Jatin and Manish’s meeting. One day Jatin gets a call from Manish and that’s his last call to tell Jatin about a secret and he dies. The sequence covers a lot of murders with the same gun and at every point of time the victim is shot by the same gun. Preeti, who had an extra marital affair with Manish comes in to the picture which tells about everything to Jatin which wasn’t known to him and the mystery takes a new turn. Who is Manish Mondal’s killer? The blackmailer? Preeti’s husband? or someone else? Inspector keeps investigating and asking about the secret code to Jatin, if he could unveil the secret behind it. Finally Jatin gets a hint about the code given in last words by Manish and finds out the mystery, walks down to Allahbad and meets Nandubhaiya who is brother of Ram Prasad Yadav, the one who was also a victim of a bullet of the same gun before Manish was killed. Nandubhaiya narrates the whole story about their family, the brothers Raju Singh and Mohan Singh and gives an idea about who is doing all these serial killings. Jatin goes back to Kolkata and tries to get rid of everything and meets Mohan Singh at Bel Mathur and the story changes. That’s when the twist tells you to read more and reach the end.
The best part about the book was that, as and when I was moving forward, there were more characters adding in and not that they weren’t confusing but at least making sense to reveal the story in a better way. I liked the character of Montu the most because after the story took a good pace he was one of the most strong characters while the character of Renu was a little weak and felt like had no importance in the whole plot. Over all the struggle of Jatin and Ram Prasad Yadav depicted in the book is very interesting.
The book will really interest Fiction Lovers but those who are avid readers will find it somewhat similar to what they have read in the past, making them feel nothing new in the book. For starters or someone who starts reading fiction for the first time, the book is perfect.

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  1. writersrelam May 9, 2013 @ 7:03 pm

    I should claim my contribution to the last paragraph to this post.

    Yes, I am sure most of must read a plot similar to this one where it starts with murder and the dying man leaves clues that sends everyone on a wild goose chase. This one is more in the desi mold I feel.

    But given the language and the way the plot progresses its not a bad read. Those who like reading Indian Authors might like it, since not many try their hand at a Suspense thrillers, mostly its the lovey dovey romance. So I could say its a fresh breath for some..

  2. Dreamy-Watery-Eyes June 10, 2013 @ 10:38 am

    Interesting enough to make me think to give it a read. Thanks Ashu! *Send me this book, maybe?" 😉

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