Guest Post 6 – Harleen

Title- Indian Parenting

The Indian society has been following patriarchy since ages unknown. In the olden times, years ago; women were deprived of taking decisions. Only the head (that used to be a man) of the family took decisions. These decisions were like diktats. These had to be implemented, irrespective of other member’s wish. In fact ‘wish’ was an unknown word to the headman. According to him, whatever he said (read ordered) was in family’s interest. Women and kids were paid least heed in this patriarchic society.

Children used to be afraid of talking in front of their fathers. Their upbringing taught them that talking in front of or confronting elders is a sign of disrespect. This upbringing fact is widespread amongst the Indian society irrespective of religion, caste and creed. The child could never put forth his wishes or aspirations to his parents.

Slowly, modernization crept into the Indian society and things started changing. Education empowered people and changed their mindsets. Children leaved no stone unturned in their efforts to be heard. The kids were learning to speak. They wanted to be heard. But only to be touted as ‘disrespectful rebels’. This generation, the GenX, on a large, were termed as a rebellious and disrespectful generation.

GenX was looked down upon. They had forgotten the basic rule of Indian upbringing- not to speak in front of the elders. The one’s who came under this category, flourished by pursuing their aspirations. The one’s who were left out, kept repenting and cribbing about either their failures or murdering their dreams and aspirations for the will of their parents.

How right it is to burden your kids with your expectations? Why do Indian parents feel that their kids are their puppets? Why do Indian parents dictate terms to their kids for every little thing in life? Why do the children have to bear the burden of society? Why do Indian parents bother more about the society and less about their kids?

There are Indian parents who don’t fall into this category but on a larger scale, this is the truth of Indian parenting. Irrespective of the age, the child has to follow whatever his parents decide. And he repeats the same with his kids. It’s a legacy. The legacy of Indian parenting. How long will this continue? Will you break-free from this? Can you break-free from this?

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