Guest Post 5 – Kriation Kriti

Title- Transparent Dreams
Aims high, whispering by is the wind of transparent dreams,
Shimmering shine, in a splattering wine dipped is a scoop of cream
Ready to relish a sip of thrill, ready to loose into screams
Ready to untie chains of sorrow, ready to live in extremes!
By wavering through rocks, splashing through spots,
Gushing in some waterfall beneath
Waiting to fall straight in head shot
Waiting to make some risky deals.
Clumsy thoughts coated with memories,
Shivering smiles make the icing sheet
Crumbles of love fallen somewhere,
Eaten by termites of a holy fleet.
Aspiring to fly, kissing the sky, an eagle peeping upstream,
Aiming to reach untouchable heights, trying to reach the supreme
A throbbing heart then weaves a tomorrow,
A withering soul craves to grow,
A lost smile curves in to follow, 
The eyes search for a reason to pour.
Filled with love is a puddle of hope,
Wet is the land of despairs,
The garden of dreams flowers with blooms 
Amidst divine prayers.
A rabbit running the race of time, 
Trying to beat the needles of fate…
And there with a flick open the eyes,
As the alarming clock ticks a ‘good morning’ eight!

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  1. Aditi March 26, 2013 @ 6:20 pm

    wow… what a painting of words… aptly titled… completely dreamlike… the substance so mystified… ethereal…

    just loved it… treat to read… n treat for a vibrant imagination…

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