Guest Post 10 – Jazz

Wonder what you are
Some magician, 
Some clueless code
Or a piece of my soul
I met on life’s road.

The angel bearing me
And my ache
Putting me together 
Gently, whenever
I’m hurt or I break.

Stumbled across you
Like stumbling across
the pearl in a shell,
While living a nightmare
Something worse than hell.

Stood on the edge,
Almost facing the end
A last look back and
Slipped off, only to find
You offering a helping hand.

Caught me in time,
With that strong hold
Threw at me the rope,
Of Assuring smiles
And hopeful hope.

They say things happen
For a reason that is good.
You caught me unaware
Like the peaceful sleep
After the haunting nightmare.

All that happened, seems
sort of now worthwhile,
Laughing with you,
Sharing and caring.
God bless the angel 
I found in you.

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  1. varsha kalyani March 27, 2013 @ 5:11 pm

    Simple and sweet in its own way 🙂

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