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A picture is worth a thousand words, we all know but then we have writers who can say a lot in just 100. Don’t believe it? Check it below.. 🙂

@Farji_Engineer: “Do you really love me Idiot?” Priyanka asked in a low tone looking away from him ,not wanting to hurt his feelings but still she wanted to hear it from him after all the things he said to her last night about his Ex Girlfriend after drinking.”Yes I do my Pranks,Love you more than anything” He rubbed her shoulder and kissed her slowly,the kiss was more of an assurance than a mere kiss that for the time being he belonged to her and no one could take him away from her.

@BurgerrB: She could hear her heartbeats. 4 years had passed since they met last, at the same place. She had left him to follow her dreams. She sat there alone with a hope in her heart that her letter would have reached him. She was waiting for him, unsure if he would turn up.  She closed her eyes. Lost in thoughts.

He sat down besides her. “Isn’t the sun gorgeous?” he said. “Ohhh!!!”, She jerked. He smiled. No questions asked. No explanations sought. They kissed, while the sun went down. It all changed.

@Ob_viously: I know you can hear me.I know you’re there.I know you’re angry at the World,so just hear my words.A way out,a life away from them,a new scene,a new lawn,a new road,a new home.A new beginning for you and me.An end to the perpetual darkness that engulfs you.A start of a new day.We’ll take off to that lake you once talked about.Pack your belongings.Say goodbye to your past.Let my hand be your guiding light.Let me take you away from this night.We’ll see the morning sun.Babe,our life has just begun.

“May this kiss standstill forever,

As the serenity of nature is healing us.

Words can’t express, let it be by this divine touch. . .

Coz I wanna let you know how I Love You So Much !! <3 span="">

@thefactfiction: Sunrise or sunset, I dont remember. Wind must have caused the ripples in the sea. But I dont remember. I remember only being by his side, in his arms and the way it felt-complete and fulfilling. It took us really long to realize we are meant to be together. It was here we parted 5 years ago, and it is here we met again, for life now.

@gairo0: Never saw that sunset before, as they kiss in eternal benevolence i yearn for the love I don’t have… I didn’t had… I may never have. Like the trail of this cloud chasing the sunset, wanting the abating light to stay for a little more. So that i can find the missing wind of my life to travel the worlds. This sunset… these two… me… you… let it remain like this, Please let it remain like this.

The birds twitter softly, The sun Sinks slowly
Their hearts were filled, Their desires just grew
Their Hands wore a ring, of Compassion & Promise.

After their engagement,   A silent Evening welcomed
He met her by the lakeside, The Place they first met
She wanted to talk of Nuptial vows & Winters Cuddling
He had a message, which made his heart heavy

The war has Just Begun. The Marriage shall wait 
By the dawn He would be gone, To honour his Duty .
Along the Sunset, He met her by the Lakeside
Kiss to farewell, Hug to Glory and A promise to return Back.

@islejazz: She watched the from behind the glass wall. Two teenage love doves lost in each other. She stood watching the love bloom. Naive and innocent. She recalled. Memories flooded. Scene replayed. They sat on the lake deck. Dangling feet rippling the water. Closeness rippling the souls. The setting sun touching the water. Distance closed in. Breaths fused in. The gentle brush of the lips. Her first kiss, his too.

Back to reality. A hand brushed her tear away. Cupped her wrinkled face. Replayed what had sealed their lips and their fates. The first kiss refreshed for one more lifetime.

@ThatFilmyGirl: Here we come again to this place, where we met for the first time. Where the stars smiled at us and the sun showed its bright shine. Where the sky was clear and the water kissed our feet. When I kept your hand on my chest, and you heard my heart beat. Now, look in my eyes and tell me you wanna do that again. So, hold me tight and count till ten. And amidst this silence, we’ll both sing this rhyme. “Here we come again to this place, where we met for the first time”.

@Varsha_Jugni: They went berserk over each other that night,abused & blamed in rage,slept showing their back to each other;by chance,their toes met,quickly they receded their feet. The guy was uncomfy,he left for seafront to sit aloof. The girl wept in his absence then got up,draping her cloak,which he brought her,she left. It was chilly outside,but that cosy “Love-Binding-Cloak” was magical,her heart said something good will befall. She reached & she sat beside him. They stared each other affectionately,their eyes spoke,telepathy of hearts conveyed the everlasting love. They came closer,hugged,cuddled,snuggled,kissed,caressed,confessed & loved beneath that cloak till dawn broke.

What happens when two people fall in love?

They sit quietly at the sea side looking into each other’s eyes, finding the right moment where sun is at its best to deliver the perfect serene beauty while it’s setting, the long drop shadows to perfect the rhythm of color shades. The ripple created by feet’s to match the heart beat. And that precise moment when sunset, long shadows and ripples are in sync with each other, they both KISS to make it perfectly memorable occasion to define that they are in love.

@nipath11: The ordeal had ended. Their world was safe again. They were coming to get them. They sat, hand in hand watching the setting sun. He held her close, situations change a man they say, and for the woman he barely knew was now someone he swore to protect against the world. Suddenly he realized as the setting sun cast her rays on her, that how beautiful she was. Simply enchanting. Even as they flew into the sunset, he didn’t let go off her hand, and she for once had found her knight in shining armor.Hope rekindled.

@Gods_Evangelos: Feeling that the end has arrived, and as and when the morning was opening the heart beats were going fast, they had decided to end their Life, together. Spending the last night, writing poems, making love,  whispering secrets, opening up to each other one last time, they lived their night. With that last kiss, they jumped in to the eternity, with that first ray of sunlight to prove that their love was full of brightness and not dark fearful insecurities.

@SamDLifeCoach: Forgetting the differences, leaving behind the old bitter memories, they decided to move on. As the sun was setting they were ready to say good bye to all the harsh feelings. He looked into her eyes and took away her pain. She touched him and made him alive again. Time stood still and they kissed. The kissed past good bye and kissed in the new beginnings. It was the kiss of life, the kiss of hope and the kiss of faith in tomorrow.

Near the ocean of love,they sit beside each other.Fingers intertwined,relishing the memories they share. 

The calm cool ocean reminds them about themselves,symbolizing the path of absolute calmness that they took when nothing seemed working.They stood by each other like strong mountains and with faith by their side..they hoped to watch the sunset together like early days,when they first fell for each other.

Now,they smile at those memories watching the sunset,looking at the sky turn from pink to peach to mango.The vibrant colours of the sky reflecting their immortal love.

P.S: Everyone was informed to write a story but a few could only write in to verses which appear beautiful as well and I hope you enjoyed reading each one. Keep Writing!

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  1. the factfiction January 30, 2013 @ 3:37 pm

    Each one is beautiful one

  2. Ankit Sharma January 30, 2013 @ 3:39 pm

    Beautiful thoughts on the same picture…..

  3. Phoenix February 7, 2013 @ 8:54 am

    I loved each and every post…what i appreciate more is the thought behind the post..very innovative..next time i am hoping i am lucky enough to contribute if the opportunity presents itself!

  4. Vandana April 4, 2013 @ 3:43 pm

    wow! so that was another hit series kind of thing on your blog front…… right ashu….. i missed the chance 🙁
    but i must say each piece is a work of art… beautiful art … ::)

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