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Hello Readers,
Today we all know the only topic we are talking about is Rape. The girl which has gone through this inhumane act, we all are constantly praying for her, taking out protests, facing every other thing just because we know how important our safety is and an irresponsible government and police is not going to help in the future about all this. So with every incident we are seeing new Women Activists forming institutions, forming groups, doing workshops and much more. The women were not silent because they were weak but only because they were way too strong and had the power to let go, forgive the weak men. But with the constant forgiving, men is going way beyond his limits and so now the women had to take the steps which are necessary for their own, their closed ones and the whole women community.
Coming to the main aim of the post, since I have joined twitter I have seen many people using it for taking the help, giving the help and this way the platform has really been useful to each other. Between all of them I found one girl who is merely 17 years of age, using twitter to create awareness. First of all I thought that she might be blogging sometimes to bring out a change but then I came to know that every time she wrote, every time she posted something it was relating to human awareness, empowering women, making the nation strong and making us each believe in ourselves. Yes, it’s surprising to know how such a young girl can know so many things, can realize so many things and work towards a big world, when she should enjoy her teenage with her friends, enjoying the social networking and her own life by not bothering about anything else. But no, she is determined and not only yesterday, not only today but with every coming day she is bringing out some or the other topic where we all lack how to reach how to know about it and how to work towards it. This blogpost is just a short way to tell her that she has won not only mine but Respect of whole lot of people out there reading her regularly. The title of this post implies that women are getting stronger day by day, they are aware and they have now started taking steps from an early age to maintain their and their family’s Respect.
Readers, put your hands together for Paloma Sharma who at least in my eyes have won Respect above all till now, whoever I have met on twitter and not just because of her early age realizations or her way to Life but most of all the humanity inside her is commendable. Her twitter handle is – @PalomaSharma so follow her if you feel so but most importantly read every post of her blog and see how the youth is going to bring out a change in the world very soon.
Not to say anything more but at last will quote, ” If you will not bring a change, the YOUth will.”
Ashwin Dodani-

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  1. Mahima December 22, 2012 @ 7:14 pm

    Follow you both, on twitter and on blog. Well done, you guys! <3

  2. piyush gaur December 24, 2012 @ 2:20 pm

    I would not take a bow because she is young and encouraging. I would not take a bow because she is just 17 and realizing things in the real world and writing about human awareness and empowering women. But i would take a bow because she is a woman and it's more than enough for me. It's has become really hard for women to survive in this men dominated world. We should respect women as their are the bearer of life in this world. In this human world, rape is not a crime which affects women physically but even the acts of eve-teasing and molestation are infernale and people responsible for such acts should be punished brutally. For those people, death sentence is not enough. They should be punished in a way so that after the punishment every single person whoever think about eve-teasing, molestation or rape would die in fear. Throats should be slit for those people and should be hang in public places to let them scream till they die . Women are precious in this world, because without them men are incomplete. So respect them, love them, protect them no matter what. Sometimes being a law abiding citizen doesn't help.

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