R.I.P Eye Opener

As I start writing something about this case this fact that now she is no more, when again there is a day that the country is outraged, sad, angry, crying, in pain, everything is going in vain, change is still not seen and the lethargic attitude of the ones who have the power is increasing the same, I see that what she did is enormous.
Why I felt that is because, Firstly she has not just brought the hope of justice to herself but she has been the key to the infinite rape cases that have happened or did take place in the meanwhile and due to her the spirit and the courage to live in each one of us, to fight and not give up has rose. Secondly, not only she brought to knowledge of each Indian that their government is handicapped but what she brought to Life is the sense of humanity in each one of us. We thought the world is going to end and meanwhile all these years as we saw that help, humanity, courtesy, love, blessings, prayers everything was deteriorating and just because due to this case and the highlight of this case, may it be any platform we all forgot what religion we were from, what caste we were from, what color, nothing because all what came to our mind was just one word, Justice.
Today each one of us is helpless, crying in agony, we all woke up to such a shocking news, today we didn’t see a good morning just because we knew about this case and there are innumerable cases where we don’t come to know anything. Domestic Violence as well has become a major issue these days which has never came in to light. Child Abuse is another thing. Fear has crept in everyone of us somehow. We just want to merely survive, be safe and rest assure that our family is safe, happy and Blessed. Due to the increasing number of crimes and tormentors in our homes we have become self centered, we have no capability left to fight for more than ourselves and that’s where we give up so soon already. Once we fight in front of injustice happening, may it be our family then only the change can come. We always keep silence just because the name and reputation of our family or relatives’ family and that way the society has taken us for granted and everyone is just too least bothered to even think before committing such heinous crimes.
After programs like Crime Patrol and all have started we have started to know that what all is happening in real world and we find it shocking and brutal to see that in every part of the world, majorly in the metros where ironically the educated people stay these are taking place because of the power. Also all this happens in backward states, areas as well but they are hidden, they don’t get the coverage, everything is stuffed enough and accepted as a part of Life. Millions of women face such things in every other part of the world, we have given up on the laws and government, we are fighting against corruption already, we are showing everything in the movies and sobbing about it but not able to bring out a change. We cannot blame anyone, we cannot protest, we cannot raise our voices, we are young, we don’t have authority, police is sold, sometimes police has to follow what the politicians say, what the higher authorities say, they die out of guilt and cry out as well just because due to the higher power they are blamed for doing all this. Each time we ask for something justified we are sent to another authority and that way the time goes on and on in vain and finally we saturate to nothingness. After all this we have stopped trying and accepted it easily that the world has a way and we have to live and die in that manner.
The only worst thing I ever felt after this whole tragic incident is that why is it that we “need” to teach to Respect a woman, I mean if you aren’t born as a man does it mean that you are weak or should be justified to be Respected? Many questions come out as we see these days but no answers again. But one thing is for sure that till we won’t start Respecting each human being, may they be of any caste/creed/color/gender/country we won’t be able to bring about a change.
For now, from the bottom of my heart, condolences to the brave girl, the survivor, the fighter, the soldier, someone who was the way the world had to be awakened, may she finds peace in the lap of the supreme, may she always remain Blessed and may she finds mukti. God Bless Her.

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