Life- An Anagram of “File”

The amazing part of everything in Life is that we can interpret it in so many perspectives, may it be bad, good or neutral. The perception is such a thing which helps us relate to things in way things life has taught us or somewhere we have experienced, witnessed or been there at the position of going through the actual situation, or are still going through. Here, today sitting on the swing, post my dinner, I just thought of my favorite topic again, Life, and I could think of something which I can relate it to, and that is File, yes you know what a basic file in a computer is. So I just thought of it and then am describing how  I could relate Life with a “Computer File”.
We all go through so many ups and down in one Life given and now and then we keep thinking that Life is tough, Life has shown us so much, we keep on comparing things with everyone, may be someone is sad, we feel we have a sadder Life, when we someone happy, we feel we want that, may it be materialistic things, may it be relationships, may it be success, may it be designation, may it be anything we don’t feel contended of what we have. We constantly either need upgrade or change or just for the sake of feeling good, we want to have something different. Life, doesn’t go this way every time when we want to. We all know that and we always feel we are adjusting somewhere or the other and how much more we can compromise, why always we only have to sacrifice? is a basic question we all take in our hearts and still try to survive. The answer lies in only one word, “Contentment”.
Coming back to the relation of Life and File, we know that to be born, we are coming to a family, which is a platform, same as a file needs an operating system, we need a family to have us, to embrace us, to protect us, we that way, create a new file on our system, after creating a file we keep on adding data to it, may it be work, may it be our personal information, same way as we feed our child, as we educate our children to grow and be of some importance in the world, in such a way when the file is ready, we carry it in our pen drives, disc drives to our bosses, our offices, our colleges and present our work, same way when we grow up, when we get educated, we move out of the home to show what we have learnt in life, what we have gained in Life and to prove ourselves we just go out and give our best, but in this procedure if we have copied our file to the pen drive, we still have a copy the original one at the home computer, same way if we know and respect our family, our heart is always there, stays there and we always come back to take care about them, to protect them and make them feel loved, but if we cut paste the file, it moves out of home and hardly comes back it goes out and gets all the recognition and gets lost in the world, leaves the family back and reproduces it’s own family somewhere outside. Same way if in this way sometimes we lose our files and we regret and we have to work on it every time, we lose out on some relations which are important to us but we make them feel left out, lose them and we again work on building new relations and the Life goes on. May be this relation is a bit weird but somewhere we all know we can relate it to, if not our lives, somewhere outside, we have enough examples to witness who are having the same Life.
The purpose of this article is nothing related to tell you that be connected to the roots, but just to let you know that each one of us go through such stages and all what decisions have to be made in Life, are our own. So be wise, think a lot before making very important decisions because not only family, friends or relatives but what all matters is how do you make yourself happy by all the decisions you make in Life. So before you step out, before you make any decision, before you think about just personal growth or something just related to you, wait, take a pause, think about everyone and then go ahead.
Lastly to quote, ” Walking is easy. Leaving your footprints is a part of process. Regrets are countless. Once it comes from your heart, even disasters can be managed.”
Ashwini N Dodani-

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  1. Aparajita Singh December 8, 2012 @ 3:51 am

    Greatly analysed. Very true. Another amazing, imaginative and positive post Ashu. 🙂

  2. gairo December 8, 2012 @ 4:12 am

    Life of File.

  3. Zeal Shah December 8, 2012 @ 7:16 am

    Great post & very nicely analyzed 🙂

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