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Hello Readers,

First of all I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to each one who might be reading this ever or not but has visited my blog and read anything ever to just be there, read my words, creation and spending a bit of their precious time to give comments on my posts, sharing and being a regular reader. Secondly, a very happy and a Blessed New Year to all. This one is for all of you, I love my readers a lot and that’s why the last post for this year was not something by me but all of you so that this becomes a platform where what makes me, which is you also come ahead and tell me how I should improve. So all those who have given me some feedback I am posting it here and all those who might read this late can still mail me the feedback just to let me know if I need to change anything else except what everyone has said in the below feedback. Once again I heartily thank you all to love the works, appreciate it and  being there as a consistent reader, my motivation, inspiration and the light to walk together on the path of writing. Some people have gone way beyond the word limit but I am posting everything because you all said it with heart. Below are your feedback:

@poojamaurya23: I love the way you write, there’s no flaw I see. You are good with choosing the words, situations and everything. You’re just as amazing as a writer should be. You write what everyone would love to read, relate and feel. You do complete justice to every word you write. Just keep up the good work. God bless you. 🙂


Here is my feedback about the way you have been in 2012. Do not ask for feedback anymore.  for feedback from us is just an observation of how we relate our thoughts with yours. You might be happy when you wrote some post and we might not be in that state, you might be sad and we might be happy at other times. It might create a confusion at times when you intercept our feedback. Because words often create some confusion, and most of them would only praise you on the things they read on your posts.

Rather than this I would say, introspect within yourself, try reading your posts and analyze yourself and see if you resonate your character with the words you have written on blog with respect to how you conduct yourself on social media and in person at every moment 24 hours a days. 

Since you have asked here is the perception about you for how I saw you in 2012. You have an exceptionally beautiful skill to play with words in an artisan style. I met you once when you visited Mumbai and at personal level I think you should even start communicating with everyone you meet by playing with these skillful ability to mesmerize people with words. I personally found it missing not because most of them do communicate in that fashion but your image of words on media was completely different to me when you met me in person. 

In a hyper-transparent and connected world it becomes very important on how we conduct ourselves at each and every second because people are watching are our acts and the way we make them feel important. In coming years this social media will become your new resume. People in the business world will automatically know more about how you treat yourself first and judge you on  how fit you will be to their organization. Its no longer about the work you do but How you do your work will matter. People will analyze your sleep pattern as well and long nights spent on twitter might be a negative indicator for some. 

This feedback for you is not about the blog you write but about HOW you go about conducting yourself to write this blog. 

Hope this helps.

@MohitaaRaghav: I keep telling everything to you side by side, so I am only listing the overalls here. Grammar. That definitely tops the cons. Secondly, learn the breaks in stanzas. Pros: You are evolving neatly. You will find your own style and I hope it is one i expect from you already.

@TheBlueSparkles: You are an amazing writer, very good with words. I love reading your

love poems. I think you should try writing fiction or maybe short stories. I want to meet with more emotions, facts, plots, themes and character in your blog. All the best!


Your thought process is beautiful. That is something one can never deny. At times I wonder as to are you human !! because being human I’ve never seen negativity over come you. The positive person that you are clearly drips from each letter and word of yours. And that is something I really admire about you and hope to imbibe too. You are an inspiration.

Yeah ! at times the positivity frustrates me too but then it is my fault and not yours. May be I’m envious because I’m too vulnerable to negativity. At times I also wish that i could write like you. There are times too when I wish I could understand the thoughts behind your words. Yes at times I do find them complicated. Difficult to comprehend but then I grasp things slowly and I read it twice and thrice so that things sink in. What you write often helps me in reflecting my thoughts and even at times myself. 

There are a lot of things in you that I am envious of ashu. But realize this my dear that envy ain’t as heinous and negative as jealousy. Envy, though is negative, keeps the other person on their toes and helps them to do better. You inspire me, and that is undoubtful and undeniable. Your thoughts… your words are always thought provoking. I’d not want you to change anything. but if you want to change something then change for the better. But what is better… I don’t know. I don’t think I’m capable enough to judge you. There are people who are much wiser and much more mature than me who would guide you better. I wish nothing but the best for you. Just one last thing. 

Never let the child in you die.

@ArpitaAppu: Your work is really commendable and flawless. I feel its really inspiring and touching in its own beautiful way. Its always a pleasure to read, share and comment on your writings. Keep it going Ashu. Cheers…

@Zugambi: Ashu, You’ve changed a lot. I’ve read your earliest posts. There’s really a lot of changes. Things you write now are so so so beautiful. It touches heart. You have brought up unique ideas of blogging that no one else could imagine. I’ve told you this before too. You’re bringing back life in blogspot. I really envy your writing. Just keep up the good work. It’s beautiful to see you getting better and better. 🙂 <3 font="font">

@TheGhostWriterr: At times U complicate things & topics with complex words and Phrases, U should try and write as your heart feels. Just write Simple and meaningful as U do, Ur real good at it. That the Only piece of advice I’d give. Work on it, if ya can lad. 

@TheTranquilPluto:  I can’t contribute as I haven’t read the blogposts. All I will say is keep writing. You never know whom when and how you may make a difference to someone’s life.

@KriationKriti: Today I am glad to write in this form to you my #BFF. I know you in person since years and critically judging you and guiding you the same has been a part of us since then. I wouldn’t praise you to the core, as it will stop you from growing. I won’t say heavy words in despair, as it may discourage you. All I would say in a nutshell is, Your poems speak your heart almost all the times. Its the reflection of your heart and also the mind. You end up writing long essays sometimes, owing to the confusion juggling between your mind and heart. But this conversation in form of essays is a message – a positive one to guide others. Your poems deal with varied topics, sometimes speaking the jist, sometimes random, but speaking the truth, straight points. 
Only few suggestions to mention, concentrate on particular fields and topic more next time and elaborate in different forms. Look at a single aspect in wide perspectives. Give surprises to your audience and keep experimenting more, which you have started. 

CHALLENGE YOURSELF ALWAYS – The secret of Blogging!!

@gupta_kaushal: Your Blog posts are like Salad, Salad of Positivity and Positive words are the main ingredients of it. Love the way you play with words which is Awesome stuff but some posts are too long to read which is skip reading. So One suggestion where you must try to sum up your thoughts in the shortest way possible because there would be many like me who don’t read long Post.

A Genuine review from me, Cheers 🙂

@TheArchFiend_: Well I think 50-100 words are either just too much or too less for this feedback ashwin. Because on the one side I can say its brilliant and rest my case while on the other side I can just go on and on 😀 anyways hats off to you man,that blog is just the source of positivity for so many out there,and all the good things you right down there are nothing but the emotions and the morals that one should obey but many fails. 🙂 and i just love the poetry but on the other hand jealous of it coz I can’t write like that 😀 haha..god bless you and may your blog meets new heights and keeps inspiring and giving new hopes to people out there 🙂 and happy new year to you and all those reading this post.

@Brownie_Eyes: Well i have never come across any work of yours that i can criticize or point out a mistake about. Your post are always about a positive feel. Gives hope. Give a way to live life on that hope. Just keep them the same way always. No sad posts ever. Spread positivity and blessings through your beautiful work. Stay smiling and keep writing 🙂 My best happy wishes for you always 🙂


Dear Ashuji,

Firstly,I’m greatful that I found you,a gem of a person through twitter.I know it’s the 1000th time (not literally..hehe) i’m telling you this.. but still ..YOU ARE AWESOME. 🙂 Well,the blogposts! Firstly,Thanks for sharing them with me !!! i’mthankful to you for doing so. 🙂 Well,Your blogposts,i just L.O.V.E them,reading them calms me down,calms the mixed up thoughts buzzing in my confused brain.Most of your posts are so touching,that they leave me teary-eyed (happy tears mostly),they speak reality and I can feel a connection with them. The amazing use of words cause some kind of a strong imprint in my heart.Some posts make me smile like a moron.(hehe). I know I speak too much!! God!!! 😛 Winding up,I would like to say !!! I really really love your blog,myfavourite being the “special” post.

Stay awesome,keep writing.

@LifePenCripted: I have not been a regular reader. Also I have not been reading since the beginning. I can’t be the best critic hence but frankly speaking I love reading your blog. The positivity in you lifts my soul. You are blessed with it and can make anyone think of the OTHER ASPECT of a thing. God bless you and your pen. Keep blogging and keep smiling.

@GuruMaata: You are a writer with deep emotions . Fearless . Courageous . I myself am poor at writing , even find difficult to write feedback ! You touch the subjects which belong to the soul , whether it was on Gangrape Victim or on music . And the way you put it in a rhyme is commendable ! One point that I have to make is that I feel that you are judgmental & that may affect your writing !

@_Obviously: You come up with the best ideas and blogs. Your posts are always heartfelt 🙂 So,even if an idea flops(that rhyming poem thing),don’t let that get in your way. You have,since then,done a lot of other collaboration work i think? And the others that i have read were beautiful too. 

Just never ever try to force your thoughts. Don’t know about you,but i have tried that in the past. Just because i didn’t write for weeks,i forced rhymes and the result felt really ridiculous to me. That’s all.

Good luck,man 🙂

Shraddha: Its been a year that I am following your blog 🙂 Let me tell you that I have learned many things from your writings, thoughts and most importantly your friendship.I was never into reading any blogs or articles, but I started with your blog. As I am not an expert, nor do I understand how a perfect post should be…only thing I know is I always got to learn and thats what I admire alot about your blog.May it be about relations, friendship, life, spirituality, love, experience you always frame it beautifully ♥ And to talk about improvements,I dont see any flaws…..because if a person writes his/her mind out…words, vocabulary fails…its just the feelings that matters. And thats the point where you steal the show 😀 😀 So keep writing and enlightening people.God bless you 🙂

@Lattraversiamo: I need to first thank you for bringing so many amazing people together through your blogs and contribution posts. The thing I love about your writing Ashwin is the beautiful honesty that lingers beneath all the words. Not many people can truly bare their souls with words. Sometimes though, I do have a little difficulty in figuring out the flow of your writing. Not always but yes, at times. But otherwise, keep writing because we all need your words to enrich our lives!

@10dOOlkar: You know that I call you my favorite poet. I am little less interested in reading but I make sure that I can read your each & every post or you can say that your posts increased my interest in reading. I am so confused that which post should I mention here as my favorite. So I’ll not specify any post here. Your posts make people think, made me think. You are magician of words. That happiness post had something in itself which even made me write. You comes up even more strong, more adorable with each post. Some posts which you dedicated to people (i.e. That birthday post & cricket post for Nikhil and the the special one post for Paloma Sharma) shows how kind, humble & selfless you are as a person. Some recent posts that you wrote regarding Delhi Rape Case, shows how much you respect women. Those recent posts earned more respect for you in my eyes. And yes, coming to criticism, I don’t think I’ve achieved that level to criticize, that’s not my job. As you are in touch with some big giants, they will do it better. And yes, your posts are very helpful to improve my vocabulary. As I’ve just started writing blogs, your blogs will also help me to maintain them. Just wanna say keep writing, keep inspiring. Needless to say but All the best for further posts. Kudos !!

@Dikshu30: To start with, honestly, I had never ever read blogs. After being active on twitter, your’s was the first blog I read and now I always look forward to read your posts. Your blog is a tribute to your creative talent and your hard work. Be it love, life, relationships, nature, family, daughters to respecting women..from the smallest to the biggest things in life, you’ve written all your posts so honestly,truly and selflessly with what you feel. Your perspective on any issue is not a one sided thinking but looking at both the sides and then penning it down in your words. I appreciate your each and every work because, truth. You have a special dedication to your work. 

May your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding. 🙂

Keep Writing!! Keep motivating people!! 🙂

Cheers! 🙂 #ForeverHappy 

God bless you 🙂

@blessedwithsins: Ashwin as his twitter handle name @Gods_Evangelos, a messenger of God. I have started reading his blogs not a long time back but i am really happy to read his blogs. He is a gem writer, specially when it comes to issues related to society, public awareness and his recent blogs on Delhi Rape Case are full of inspiration. They are purely from the heart of a person who seeks justice and would go to any depths for it. Keep it up buddy. Like to read more blogs from you in future.

@sushmitamalakar: The only reason that I keep coming back to this blog is because I’m being pestered by the author every time he posts a new posts! 😛 No, not really. On a serious note, I love keep coming back here because I really like the flow of words, emotions and strong opinions flow in each and every post. Every thing that this guy writes is straight from the heart. It can make you wonder about things in a totally different manner. The most honest blogger I have ever come across. I have been asked to critisize it, with all my hear and soul. But alas, I can not. And this is because, I have been taught by Ashwin only to overlook li’l mistakes, when the same person offers you a lot more beautiful things to cherish. Thanks, for this amazing blog and everything else! 🙂 

@SamDLifeCoach: I love the topics you touch, the depth you give to your posts and the way you relate to them deeply. Having said that I sometimes feel “some” of them are way to long and just looking at them scares me (oh my God, I gotta read all this I tell myself) while the other times it gets a little complicated. Simplify and KISS. All in all I’m in love with your blog 😉

@Dravidict: Its been a year I have been following Ashu on twitter & it wasn’t his tweets it was his blogs I was following. His poems filled with innocence always touched & sent a message. The romantic in him made me feel the girl in his life would be lucky to have him. But the post I really loved of his was the one on Prostitution, a topic very delicate & Ashu portrayed it in the matured manner. It indeed was a thought provoking post. I can’t criticize you coz there is none all I want you to do is in 2013 don’t stop exploring as that is what sets you apart. & in your words “more power to you” stay blessed 🙂

@CricCrazyNiks: Not many are able to express feelings as good as you are able to. Happy that I have someone who via just his words make me understand and value life in a better manner. Thank you for reading minds and hearts and expressing feelings so beautifully, I am happy with what you are please to not change yourself , because you are original gold 🙂


Well firstly, I don’t know much about you. Recently started following on twitter and you come up with some heart touching quotes…:) Really love those quotes and you surely have a great talent. 

About your blogs, not read many, but read some. The first blog I read of yours was something about Trust. That was an awesome post. You write poetry well. Where I felt that we both were connected is when @Brownie Eyes (Himani) mentioned this in her tweet:

The positive people on my TL. Go by their tweets and you will find hope and Smile 🙂 – @Gods_Evangelos and @pkperception #FF” 

As I don’t know much about you, it would be wrong on my part to tell you about what to change, what is bad and all the criticism. So I wish you all the best for the new year, hope it brings you lots of happiness, good health and peace. Lastly, you are an awesome writer….:)

@ShivaKrsna: I am fairly happy with your subjects and concepts. I like that you add innovation to how a piece of writing comes along. However, I believe that the true potential of language and poetry or for that matter prose, comes from supreme command over it and experimenting with its extensive vocabulary list. I suggest you study the language and its nuances with more attention. Reading the Classics and Modern Fiction should help. And what’s more important of course, is that you keep the ink flowing.

@PalomaSharma: I don’t think I am in position to critique your writing, for you are my senior – a seniority that remains well deserved. Although, I do wish you’d write more often. There can never be enough beautiful verses in the world. I don’t think I shall ever get tired of reading. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I’m glad I hit that follow button on Twitter. I opened up a whole new world for me. Stay blessed. Keep writing.

@TheFlyingAce: Your blog is a refreshing take on some of the most beautiful and thought provoking topics a person may come across. It not only makes perfect sense but also invokes a thought chain. The words come naturally to you and are really soothing. I really enjoy reading your blog. God bless you.

@SliceOfMySoul: Taking a leap to follow one’s passion & one’s dreams isn’t an easy endeavor. To have the support of a loved one along the way makes the dive into uncertainty less sharp. I always enjoy the way you write. Seamless as always. Sometimes your writings speak volumes of myself, maybe that’s why I love them so very much. I look forward to reading more from you.

@highentropy_: Do.not.stop writing ever. It’d be great to focus on language skills now. And yes see your own writings from an audience perspective. What is the reader going to take away when he looks at your writings?

@Varsha_Jugni: I like the experimentation you do every now & then by making a difference to your blog like happiness post, telephone telephone games etc. It requires a lot of patience to deal with so many at a time and when communication also happens only via DMs, mails, chat.
What makes you stand aside as a blogger i guess are your deep love and emotions, which touches the heart & makes the reader overlook all the other flaws. The credit to those emotions I’d directly give to your parents who nurtured and fostered you that way.
@jhootha_hi_sahi:  I hardly read any blog but I am really impressed by your writing. Seriously you write awesomely its like a gift of god to you. Keep writing.  Stay blessed 😀


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  1. God's Child December 31, 2012 @ 5:04 pm

    Do I need to post my comment here too ?!?
    I am impressed so many of us like your way of writing & are able to connect !
    Keep the good work going & wish all the readers a v v happy new year 🙂
    Love & Blessings

  2. 3.14-eater December 31, 2012 @ 5:31 pm

    Also remember that there is at least ONE reader out there waiting. For that next post and hoping it'd be more engaging than the previous one.

    Erm… it goes without saying, off the writing world too 🙂

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