A Divine Conversation

Hello reader,

This is just a conversation which took place on twitter and went way divine to post here 🙂 Enjoy..

Here, R is for Rane Shradha and A is for me Ashu.

“R: Not to feel empty we were given the moon :: how night is the world of our home.

A: Not to feel full we were given the emptiness:: how wide is the world of our hollowness.

R: Long ago my sun crumbled to dust :: oceans of light flood my eyes.

A: Time cannot measure the fumbled emo-ceans :: waves of crisp feelings, light as of now, heavy in long way, stomped.

R: I sense with awe the rhythms of thunder :: dark woods assembling the sky.

A: The height measured while walking on that silver lining :: sea shores resembling the sighs..

R: The purple finch sings with a wanderer’s knowledge :: emptiness penetrates my confusion.

A: The colored colorless baffled music takes me to an unknown path :: I dance away to the tunes of penetrated imagination..

R: Mountains vanish when I ride the wind :: the shadow I leave is not mine.

A: Rivers of heartbreaks rush in to the gushed experiences :: I understand nothing remains mine, still I pine..

R: The source of dawn completes my being :: I’ve loosed myself from sun.

A: That last ray of hope makes me going :: I’ve realized my destination, not here, not there, but just to be there..

R: In a self-lit desert :: in the silence of chimes :: one fades to original face.

A: Desert, my heart :: Lighted, my soul :: Silence, my experiences :: Face, my Life.

R: I’ve come in fresh-turned :: blue sky beneath me :: and the underworld hurrying toward dawn.

A: Freshness remains for a while :: Respecting the wither for a life time :: Walking towards the dawn :: One shadow at a time

R: The way dust on your sole draws me apart :: can I lose the path of abundance?

A: Distancing yourself from your own :: Having the answers within :: Abundance a myth :: Time shows you the truth..

R: The final footprint is the true weight of life :: my dust has ventured out.

A: The dust ventures out, just from the body :: The footprint if mattered, were from the soul, the deeds..

R: My night is a garden of restless soil :: the infinity I dreamed falls apart.

A:My morning is a lake of endless foils :: About all what fell, come pick up, one at a time, from the abundance back..

R: No record of my birth :: nothing special :: I recall a possible light.

A: Every birth the same story :: Every special, a light to glory :: Every call, nature’s plight..

R: Sky is everywhere :: yet my hawk disappears :: nothing to cover our tracks.

A: Raw steps, imprinting the imbibed earth :: Covers just being the protection :: Everything under the naked rain bowed sky..

R: I shall use the moon :: when mind is too bright :: to keep the darkness near.

A: Nature, not owned by any :: Rented epiphanies lighting up lives :: Distant beckoned darkness, though colorful enough..

R: My emptiness I feed :: to an unveiled flame :: death will keep me warm all winter.

A: Every fed hollowness will want more :: need will ignite the flame still blow it off :: Seasons will change, secure yourself..

R: Darkest month flickering between mud and snow :: where sadness composes the soul.

A: With every particle of that mud, the soul left behind :: With every moment lived in that snow, divine..

R: Opened by the truth in poems and dreams :: daybreak blossomed before I had eyes.

A: Every word in that dream, Every verse in that dedicated poem :: Making the opening, grand, scintillating, auspicious enough..

R: An empty boat where sunset should be :: the weave of the sea is my guide.

A: Besides those woods, Besides those unborn branches my imagination resides :: making the weaver bird fly in my eyes..

R: Words put away :: in a wealth of silence :: the book I read is empty.

A: With every minute you breathe, one page fills up :: Weed of this emptiness :: making the author high every second with thee..

R: I hear the murmur of flocks in constant journey :: my soul unties the wind.

A: A master to that flock, with that stubble walking ahead :: every drop of that jaw dropping scene making it eternal..

R: Rain’s too scarce :: life’s finer than ash :: I’ve tied my time to peace.

A: Time, no boat to be tied, Peace no float to be relied :: Every weather a different bliss, enjoy a little bit of it..

R: Dawn is near :: sowing age :: I hear the calling of a hidden name.

A: Every tunnel making you a sage :: listen carefully to the every shining name of the Almighty..

R: I can almost see how death is coming :: the way the moonlight opens.

A: Change your sight, see how a new birth, a new chirp calls you :: the way sun has prepared a new morning for you..

R: Something beautiful covers the sand :: I have fashioned this life from its sadness.

A: Remove the sad from the nest of your imagination :: their waits a heap of happiness, a life, a soul song weaved for you..

R: A life that shimmers :: I see as ash :: my life I clothe in mist.

A: An existence that is out of shivering :: See the coal as a fuel :: Your life as a cover to a naked mind, hovering useless..

R: Just some sky :: the sound of a grave :: do not let me go on forever.

A: A bunch of stray thoughts :: The noise of the hush :: holding on is a choice :: may it be ever, forever or never..

R: Leaves flying :: no wind near :: I sit and count the cloudless blue.

A: Memories named Leaves :: Cold bodied breeze inside :: There counting the chances given, out of the violet..

R: What led me here is not hard to know :: thoughts choose their fragrance :: I change without end.

A: To sway in the direction of smiles, happiness :: doesn’t need approval :: making it at the time, one memory struck, forever..

R: Who will steal you warmth in autumn :: when I’m too weak to shake this sun.

A: Who will want to lose this notion :: when got one chance to wake up on this shun..

R: Not knowing what the moon may believe in the morning :: I live in my desert at night.

A: To believe, To hope, To have faith is you here :: To be over protective, over secured, makes you taste the glee..

R: We will finally meet :: to ease the seclusion :: crows leading our sunset home.

A: Crows, calling every new guest again :: making the meet a bit more difficult :: An evening full of chaos, unwanted..

R: Sun falling back to the beginning of sky :: the stone in your heart goes weightless.

A: Stoned heart, always wanting to wait, but just weighted :: The shimmered sunlight, waking it up, giving courage every minute..

R: Daybreak is the moment :: not to stay in this world :: lost days last forever.

A: To lose, To win, To spread, more and more :: to stay here, who is forever, more? :: Love, Light, Give with all the sore..

R: Life and death are each a desert :: my gardens I carve from dawn.

A: To end up in to the most beautiful existence called Life :: To live up to the dawn :: No Frown :: Always a laughed gown ;)”

Thank you for reading.. God Bless 🙂

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  1. nilaambari December 5, 2012 @ 5:16 pm

    Truly divine.

  2. writersrelam December 5, 2012 @ 5:23 pm

    Its really Lovely to say the least..

  3. nishi December 6, 2012 @ 5:01 am

    beautiful post..and my fav line is :Words put away :: in a wealth of silence :: the book I read is empty.

  4. sneha mehta December 6, 2012 @ 6:20 am

    🙂 beautiful

  5. Saya December 6, 2012 @ 6:58 am

    The best on this Blog! It's amazing. 🙂

    Love this— > Desert, my heart :: Lighted, my soul :: Silence, my experiences :: Face, my Life.

  6. Aparajita Singh December 6, 2012 @ 7:58 am

    No words to appreciate this one. Your positivity is what I love about you the most Ashu. Every reply of you and Shradha is just amazing. One of the best post on your Blog. 🙂

  7. Phoenix February 7, 2013 @ 9:10 am

    Beautiful is an understatement… 🙂

    I am so envious of you for having such a beautiful conversation that wove magic and transporting me to a whole new world. yes it was that visual…

  8. ravenousforlife February 27, 2013 @ 3:56 am

    Wow. Sucha heartfelt conversation!

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