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First of all to know about what all this post is describing please go to the previous two posts and know what had to be done to contribute to this post. You will have a clear idea thereby about this post. Also as all those who have contributed to this post first of all a very big THANK YOU to each one of you to take out time for this post. Lets see where the story started from and where it reached. Below are all your beautiful entries:

@Gods_Evangelos: He was a fearless man. His family was insecure always, though. He, may it be any battle of Life, faced it with all the courage. One day he had to choose between his and his family’s death. The fear stroked, shot his mother dead. The family died in a jiff.

@ThWanderingSoul: He lived without the burden of fear. His family though, sheltered insecurity. When life dragged him to the battlefield, he drew the swords of courage. One day, destiny asked him to choose between his and his family’s death. His mother died at his gunpoint. The entire family succumbed soon.

@ArpitaAppu: Though his family lacked trust and confidence, he was a brave man who faced every situation like a lion. Engulfed in the shadows of darkness he had to make a choice. Stuck in a dilemma he kept his heart throbbing and stabbed his mother.Hence, a courageous man spilled the blood of his own race.

@Sofalizy: His eyes had hope and a spark. His family feared the rage with which his face glowed. There were reasons and there were motivations. He acted like he was commanded from above, blood spurted from her neck. His mother fell in her pool of blood, gasping. And the knife sparkled.

@nipath11: The diabolic powers had branded him. The deathly effulgence of the moon light, projected itself on the house, reconnoitering the alternative he had made, floating over the blood that had spilled, then resting on him, as he sat with a Berett in his hand, head lowered, his body rocking, his mother’s screams reverberating in his head.

@LifePenCripted: ‘Courage and valour’: The two words defined him. Sacrifice now added to it. He stood there transfixed with the berret in his hand. Moon light making him shine like warrior. With his eyes closed he remembered the blood, the screams. the screams of his dead mother.

@EyeKaDoctor: Silent moon shadowed the crevices of his scarred face. The scars of his face, the beret in his hand told of his courage & valour.The tears rolling down his face spoke of his love. For his mother. Now dead. Amidst the dance of death, screams &  bloodshed.

@RutAbby: Trembling he gets to his feet, begins to dig what appeared to be a grave, to put rest his reason of existence, his all. And in utter disbelief he lowers her down, her who brought him up. And with a last gaze at her generous face he begins to seal her.

@Ob_viously: Utter emptiness is what lies ahead of him,and utter emptiness is what lies within.The breathing goes on,the heart beats,but nothing has meaning anymore.He’s hollow.He gets up,dreading every step,and starts digging.The same hands that once caressed her face now lower her into her final resting place.His love,his life,his everything,now gone.

@DelhiVintage: That day was difficult for him; more than words could ever explain. The journey to bid her a final goodbye was the longest and the most painful journey ever. The eyes that lit up by the mere mention of her name were moist as he lay her to rest, this time; forever.

@papps_gunner: That day just never seemed to end. It was as if he was living it everyday. A day he’d to undertake the most painful journey of his life, as he bid her a final goodbye. Eyes which lightened up at the mere mention of her name, now looked lifeless & Soulless, As he laid her to rest, One final time.

@Oinkoo: Countless sublime memories washed over him again. Her tranquil laughter, her hair dancing with the wind; she stirred the air around him, yet there was complete silence. He dropped to his knees to kiss her one last time.  This silence was going to be his guest for a lifetime.

@err_fun: And the memories washed over him like the wave crushing the shore…. The stranger that made a place in his heart… The smile that was more beautifully captured in the memories since first look reappeared…. Suddenly the birds stop chirping, the waves went calm, and the sudden silence was what he was left as parting memories…

@HotHotCoffee: He was bombarded with memories of the stranger who once had made a place in his heart. He travelled back to that beautiful phase where all her smiles seemed fresh. And now the whole life seemed so silent without her presence. The only precious thing he was left with was her memories.

@TheGhostWriterr: Drowned in a flood of past memories, he lived over a time when a beautiful stranger with smiles afresh won his heart. But now his life is a dark morose night, illuminated only by the moon of her memories.

@SwaroopBhartiya: Nostalgia was seizing his consciousness again. He remembered how she laughed. It was angelic. He then watched the half burnt cigarette in his hand. Taking one last drag, he tried to let all go, her peculiar scent, her tender touch, her. He couldn’t, for tears had already enveloped his sight.

@Mast_Raam: Nothing can diminish the fondness in the heart. With tears in the eyes and memories in the heart, he was feeling her warmth within. He still remembered her laugh, the way she held his hair up, the way she walked, the smell of her perfume. Their love could have soared.

@gupta_kaushal: Calling the time spent to get her and the time spent together he soon realized he was missing something. Missing the moments that made him smile, missing the movement of Heart for a while, missing the Life in Life itself. He could have glued to his Love, Life – Her.

@SwagataDam: Recollecting the long chase and the weeks of romance that followed, it dawned upon him that to him, she is synonymous with life. He missed how she made his heart sway, he missed how she took his pains away. But most of all, he missed being alive.

@gshny: He looked back at the long relationship they shared. She was just perfect for him. She was the medicine to his pains and the heartbeat to his heart. He now started thinking, how he is going to live the rest of his life without her.

@ishaseo: She left him with their dreams of yesteryear when they were together. He knew she was the only one for which his heart use to beat, she was his healer of all his pains, But now he is alone reckoning his time & life to come without her.

@HetalIDS: Their dreams seems nothing but a mirage. Every time he saw her,something happened to him like chain reaction,his heart skip a beat. All his scars and just a smile of hers was enough to heal. And now he is left forever alone to cherish her memory.

@itsFreelancer: Her smile eased his pains, her presence dulled the ache in his heart. With her around, the world seemed better, the day brighter. Her presence slowed back time. With her gone, the memories came tumbling in a torrent of flood. Memories that haunt, memories that brought a smile. They dreamed of eternity. Eternity ended sooner.
@SamDLifeCoach: Her magical smile erased his sorrows. Her presence worked as an ointment for his heart ache. With her being around, his world was better; beautiful. With her, time was almost still. She left a void; a void where happy and sad memories were going to linger. Their happily ever after could not last forever.

@MissShaitan: Her smile worked like a medicine. She could make him forget his pain. She created an ambience of love which could keep him mesmerized. He used to forget the wounds of his heart. Her presence. Her beauty. Meant his life.

@IcedTea_Me: Every time he closed his eyes, her smile flashed in front of him. He could still feel her embrace that gave him strength. Her presence was his cure. Her beauty was purely magical. She was his world. But now she had left, but her memories still haunted his mind and soul.

@gairo0: Once a god of his world now walks like lout gazing through his feverish eyes. He don’t wanna see anything could reminds him of her. The same vague pictures that once gave him elixir of life are just harsh disturbing images now But he still grit it to keep her ALIVE.

@Brownie_Eyes: The moment he closes his eyes he can see her. The light of his life. The back bone of his existence  A faded memory. A distant smile. He Opened eyes and could feel everything bringing along her essence. A longing pain but love so beautiful. She the meaning of his life.

@islejazz: She lived in his dreams. The blurred hazed memory of an ethereal smile that she was, her remnants were instilled in the air around, that kept him embraced to her all the time. His every breath deepened his yearning… for her, who was the sole reason for him to breathe.

@SufiShiva: Her memories, engraved onto his slowly eroding conscience, began to consume him in all entireties. What was once a nostalgic, moist reminiscence; had now turned into an obsession on the brink of possession. Before he knew it, he could smell her in every breath. She had replaced his soul, with herself.

@hawwsome: In his soul, there was room for two. Loved by one, loved the other. Inflicted by one, inflicted upon the other. Engaged by one, engaged with the other. He was in a ring, with one in his hand. The choice was his but the question was who? You or you?

@AshwinIssac: He looked at the ring. His heart’s pendulum alternating between the two– who painted his blank canvas of life. ”Can I live my entire life dreaming about the woman I’m in love with?”, he thought. The choice was his….the woman he loved, or the woman who loved him.

@TheBlueSparkles: Crazy how few seconds can change everything. He has let the love of his life slip through his fingers, but fate has decided to bring them together once again. He ran towards her, looked straight into her

eyes, took a small black box out of his pocket, he pleaded, “marry me”.

@parekhit: She looked at him with eyes so new and memories few. She couldn’t recognise him. She couldn’t see her love in him. She didn’t remember the promises they once made. She was in fact astonished to see a stranger proposing her. Yes, she had lost her memory.

@riyakap: A faraway look in her eyes which he didn’t recognise. The expressions on her face he had never seen. Brimming with love, he proposed her but that left her shocked. She had forgotten about him, their true love, their promises, everything. Yes, she had lost her memory. 

Its amazing how the story started, survived through and came to such an end. Read each and every story and see how it is different from the other still can be interpreted to the same context with that same decency and divinity. It was indeed a pleasure reading and interpreting all the stories.

At the start with some confusions I was feeling a bit disappointed but then it took an amazing way and finally today we have the final stories and the awesome interpretations. Its always a treat to have some beautiful contributions from you all.

Once again Thank you all for participating and I hope you all loved working for this. I am glad to see all the contributions. Love.

Ashwin Dodani-

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  1. Irfan November 19, 2012 @ 3:33 pm

    Awesome idea! Loved each and every post including mine….:-P

  2. Aparajita Singh November 19, 2012 @ 3:52 pm

    What a change in the story… hahahahaha this really reminded me of the telephone-telephone game. Awesome Idea Ashu ^_^

  3. Freelancer November 19, 2012 @ 4:02 pm

    hahahahaha the story completely changed!! lol!! This was fun!!!

  4. Unknown November 19, 2012 @ 4:06 pm

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  5. 3.14-eater November 19, 2012 @ 4:17 pm

    Good stuff!! Different interpretations.

  6. Rutaba Tariq November 19, 2012 @ 4:52 pm

    The importance of love in any form <3

  7. Mahima November 19, 2012 @ 8:00 pm


  8. Arpita November 20, 2012 @ 4:02 am

    it has come out really great 🙂 🙂 each post is unique in its own way :):) loved it

  9. nishi November 20, 2012 @ 6:24 am

    loved reading all the post..amazing concept..story took a drastic turn in the end 🙂

  10. Ankit Sharma November 27, 2012 @ 4:47 am

    This was awesome….

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