Chain Fiction Order

Hello again,
First of all I want to clear the concept to you all about this thing. We are not going to have a story to be continued one after the other but we are going to read the story, understand it and write the same story in our own words and send it to other. Please do not add anything extra to the story you receive and just write in 50 words what you understood or thought from the received story.
So hope now you get it and still if you have doubt please, please ask me on DM on twitter. Here is the final flow how it is going to be. I am going to start with the story and the rest will follow as below. Remember that whenever you send the story across to the next participant keep my email address in the Cc box, which is

1) @Gods_Evangelos (
2) @ThWanderingSoul (
3) @ArpitaAppu (
4) @Sofalizy
5) @nipath11 (
6) @LifePenCripted (
7) @EyeKaDoctor (
8) @RutAbby (
9) @Ob_viously (
10) @DelhiVintage (
11) @papps_gunner (
12) @Oinkoo (
13) @err_fun (
14) @HotHotCoffee (
15) @TheGhostWriterr ( )
16) @SwaroopBhartiya (
17) @Mast_Raam (
18) @gupta_kaushal (
19) @SwagataDam (
20) @gshny (
21) @ishaseo (
22) @HetalIDS (
23) @itsFreelancer (
24) @SamDLifeCoach (
25) @MissShaitan (
26) @IcedTea_Me (
27) @gairo0 (
28) @Brownie_Eyes (
29) @islejazz ( )
30) @SufiShiva (
31) @hawwsome (
32) @AshwinIssac (
33) @TheBlueSparkles (
34) @parekhit (
35) @riyakap (
Format: I send my story to number 2, 2 sends to 3 in their own words and the chain continues. Please don’t break the order and don’t change the meaning of the story totally.
Let’s hope this turns out to be real good and see how one story written by one person coming after so many interpretations lands in to what. Hope you all will send the story across to the next participant as soon as you receive your story because know that by Sunday all the stories should be complete. After Riya’s entry I will post all the stories as the final blogpost.

Note: Please carefully see whom you have to send your story and don’t make any mistake in that so that we don’t have any glitch at the end. Let’s make the #ChainFiction a great success.


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