What Has Happiness Taught You In Life?

Hello to each and everyone reading this post. First of all to know about what all this post is describing please go to the previous post and know what had to be done to contribute to this post. You will have a clear idea thereby about this post. Also as all those who have contributed to this post first of all a very big THANK YOU to each one of you to take out time for this post. Below are all your beautiful entries:

“Happiness is perennial. For even in mournful days, memories of a truly happy moment can bring tears of joy.”

Birth Date: 24/04/1993
Twitter Handle: @DMysticFille_

HAPPINESS, a state of being contingent upon the level of contentment like a philosophical accident, IS SUBJECTIVE.
Twitter handle: PROFLIGATE (@mohitaaraghav)
Blog: www.mohitar.wordpress.com

“Happiness is not a destination- it’s a journey ‘you’ decide to take each and every moment in your life. Happiness is a constant choice U make.”
Twitter handle: @riyakap
Blog: http://soulfulshine.wordpress.com/

Happiness, In front people rejoice it and at your back they will make a plan to take it away from you.
Birth Date: 03/09/1991
Twitter Handle: @Singhlicious
Blog: http://www.singhlicious.com


Happiness has taught me to do something good for someone, without seeking their thanks or their praise and you will be rewarded with a feeling from within. This has made me feel good always.

Birth Date:  02/02/1978
Twitter handle : @err_fun

It is all about sharing and caring because the happiness vibes are boundless and keeping them to yourself is total waste of this feeling.
Birth Date: 27/10/1987

Happiness is all we need to spread. It is all within yourself. In your way of thinking. Stay Happy Always.
Birth Date: 30/07/1992
Twitter Handle: @Dikshu30


Hidden within me,
afraid to come to fore,

she kept toying with words alone.

Then came sunshine with the lure.

Jazz, the Isle thus emerged.

Birth Date: 07/07/1987
Twitter Handle: @islejazz
Blog: www.islejazz.blogspot.com

Come up

Birth Date : 05/01/1989
Twitter Handle : @_TheDrummer

Hapiness has taught me that its not worth waiting for. Rather than waiting for it, I might as well enjoy the sorrows and pains of life.
Birth Date: 04/11/1985
Twitter Handle: @tranquilpluto

Happiness has taught me to not look down upon other’s misery & troubles. Patience is it’s other lesson.

Birth Date: 26/05/1994
Twitter Handle: @ThWanderingSoul

If you are happy pass on this Smile to others as
maybe when you need it you will get it back.
Birth Date: 29/01/1991
Twitter Handle: @Brownie_Eyes

“Life isn’t perfect,but it does have perfect moments.We should respect what we have and build it by hard-work, sacrifice and Love.
Birth Date: 10/03/1989

Twitter Handle: @Mast_Raam

“Hope is it’s best friend
Of it even sadness is scared
Selfishness is it’s fiend
Increases when shared”
Birth Date: 09/02/1993
Twitter Handle: @LifePenCripted

Happiness comes from within, the major reason being satisfaction. Satisfaction comes from making people around you more happier than you can actually.
Birth Date: 26/05/1990
Twitter Handle: @gupta_kaushal

Happiness is matter of decision. Happiness is in you, around you….if you decide to be happy then there’s no room for sadness 🙂
Birth Date: 19/09/1989 

“Few days of thinking and a perfect song that answers this. Har pal dosti pehle. Dosti hai apni ada. Guess my age.”
Birth Date: 17 August.
Twitter Handle: @highentropy_

“Happiness is a challenge in disguise which has taught me to Love myself, Live freely and Value the importance of Now or Never”
Birth Date: 19/07/1989
Twitter Handle: @KriationKriti

“There are few lessons which don’t have Teachers. Accept those positively and they convert in to happiness in the long run of Life.” 
Birth Date: 09/12/1989 
Twitter Handle: @Gods_Evangelos 
It comes and it ebbs away. To be happy one must learn to accept sadness. Spread joy when joyful; remember those times when sad.
Birth Date: 27/03/1988
Twitter Handle: @Ob_viously
Happiness taught me not only to enjoy alone but also to share Happiness with everyone. Life is too short to be sad.
Birth Date: 01/03/1990
Twitter Handle: @jhootha_hi_sahi
Happiness has taught me that happiness attracts more happiness. For every smile I share get 10 smiles back. World is a happy place.
Twitter Handle: @IcedTea_Me
Happiness gives me that kick to move on everyday. Happiness is like that little drop of water on barren land which brings smile and hope.
Birth Date: 10/10/1987
Twitter Handle: @ArpitaAppu

Shraddha B:
Happiness taught me that it comes to only those who appreciate the beauty of everything in Life. 🙂
Birth Date: 18/12/1995
Twitter Handle: @MissShaitan
“I fell. She took my hand and asked me to follow her. I still do. I call her maa. I call her happiness.”
Birth Date: 21/11/1988
Twitter Handle: @hawwsome
Happiness refuses to teach me. Instead it helps me move ahead, away from constant melancholy and stand straighter with positive faith.
Birth Date: 04/06/1991
Twitter Handle: @wistyloony
Happiness is a state of mind… mind which is full of Gratitude is Contended & Satisfied & Being Happy simply follows & What you need is A Heart that is willing to Change, Cares & Love.
Birth Date: 26/01/1976
Twitter Handle: @GuruMaata
“Happiness has taught me to be polite with & respect the bad times, God do exist and he will surely reward your patience.”
Birth Date: 18/06/1990
Twitter Handle: @10d00lkar
Happiness is when there is an absence of fear and not necessarily sadness. It is when there is peace  and calm within.
Birth Date: 24/07/1990
Twitter Handle: @AGirlOfHerWords
“From the life i’ve lived, i know Happiness comes automatically with Family, Money, Friends, Peace of Mind in their decreasing order of priority.”
Birth Date: 02/05/1989
Twitter Handle: @Farji_Engineer
Everything has a time limit, pain, sorrow, joy, even Life too. Appreciate good things, ignore bad and keep moving with a smile. Live, not merely exist.
Birth Date: 16/03/1986
Twitter Handle: @TheMysticPisces
I don’t know what Happiness says, but my Life taught me never to find reason for it. If you are blessed with happy Life, spread this to all. 🙂
Birth Date: 10/02/1984
Twitter Handle: @ishaseo

Blog: http://feeling-deeply.blogspot.in/

Happiness has taught me, that even in the darkest days, my one smile is worth more than all those frowns put together.
Birth Date: 07/03/1986
Twitter Handle: @papps_gunner
Blog: http://onestepbeyondme.blogspot.in/

Happiness is a fine drizzle, the lush green sapling, random love, passion’s play, saneness, insanity, circle of life, tangent universe, figurative lobotomy, the question-the answer.
Birth Date:13/10/1985
Twitter Handle: @SliceOfMySoul
Blog: http://screaming-whisperss.blogspot.in/


Happiness is a personal choice, Give thy heart voice. Thrust inward saddening noise, for Jovial Jocund Jests Joys ought to obese.
Birth Date: 17/01/1992
Twitter Handle: @VibgyorVarsha

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    for me happiness comes with satisfaction & spreading smiles on everyone face 🙂

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