Trust is a very naive thing if i would firstly just talk about it because whenever we talk about it we feel we are knowing the correct version of it but the truth is that it gets defined according to the experiences in life and that can never be generalized for everyone of us. It’s still surreal to know that whoever and however one defines it we can connect to it and somehow relate, we perceive that everyone thinks the same internally about it. But just to verify i had to ask few of my close friends even to contribute to this post so that we can just see how even 3 different people can have some different view over the same thing according to their perception. I told them to give their view in a few words and they are as below. (You can find these awesome people on twitter with the help of their handles.)

@Urban_Sanyaasi: Trust. A word that is often used, seldom meant, scarcely utilized and never valued beyond a certain point. The human tendency of becoming habitual leaves a vast scope that every valuable emotion, especially trust, shall be presumed as a default fulfillment that is accompanied by fringe benefits. At the core of every human interaction lies the trust. Be it the rational trust that the fair exchange shall be accomplished, the parasitic trust that the prey shall not retaliate, now or later, or the trust of the victim that the killer will eventually cease to stab if the living turns into the corpse. Trust, is never a long lasting concept. It cannot be sustained. It will always be mutilated by the temptations of psyche

@TheGhostWriterr: The Wreckage of a Ship, The broken mirror and crashed plane, all of them are Iconic of broken trust. So if you can’t trust the wind, the oceans and the nature, how do can u trust someone and not get hurt. All you can do is just take a risk & not burden it with expectations. If you want to trust someone, trust yourself. You might go a long way with that.

@TheLostCause_: Trust. One word that explains a lot. The meaning of this particular word can vary from person to person. As they say, “TRUST without the T is RUST.” How true they are! Trust is the secret to a healthy relationship. Without trust, there’s jealousy, resentment, malice, misunderstandings, broken hearts. The list goes on and on. Trust is like the roots of a tree. The stronger they are, the better the tree. The weaker they are, the weaker the tree. It’ll fall eventually. Trust, I say, is the essence of a relationship. The essence of life itself.

Reading the above views and understanding it we come to know that how each individual has grown up, seen some real life hardships, some experiences which are hidden behind these words and some very crucial moments in their Life which made them define TRUST in such a lovely manner. Even if someone would ask my view on Trust i would have said:

“Trust for me is like something imaginary, something that is not to be forced, something that grows, something really so intangible that you can never measure it, ask for it, give it and tell someone to know it, its just felt and still its so vulnerable that we can leave it and achieve it in a matter of a moment. Its that fragile at a time and that bound at the same time that some times even after that we believe that the person is, was and will be trust worthy for births to come.”

The point is that we spend our whole lives just in the search of what is actually the meaning and forget that Life is to love, live and laugh and with the time as relationships, love and faith grows, TRUST will eventually plant its roots mean while. This piece was just intended to pass a message that “Don’t define TRUST, just TRUST.”

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  1. Mirchi Laddoo July 13, 2012 @ 4:33 pm

    Nice one Ashu..

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