Never Ending Search (Topic suggested by @Shruttiiiii)

He started amateur for sure but he know he had to go long,
He planned things on the way along, knew he had to face the stings,
Impediments he had to face, it was a part of the journey,
Something he could take with him was smiles and the galore.

Anxious, Worried, Threatened he felt the first city he entered,
Pacified, Calm, Amalgam were the pinch of surroundings,
He never thought to leave his home but the travel was destined,
Not one, not two, not three but the path was unending.

“Psycho”, people called him and some made him feel unwanted,
The determination in him, the courage which he fought with,
End of the Tunnel looked bright and he believed though,
Was he a Researcher or a normal human founding?

The head was fed about the immortality, he jotted down the points,
The feel gave him a sense of plight, the inexpressible joints in,
He opened his lace and took some rest for time being,
Tomorrow this journey had to start with questions so profound.

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  1. Sunny Parampil May 9, 2012 @ 11:18 am

    This so much reminded me of a movie called 'Gaman' – Farooq Shaikh's character. Do watch it. Nicely written

  2. Shruti Bhatt July 11, 2012 @ 11:09 am

    hmmmmm….quite gud….

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