The first question when you see this post may arise that why this specific topic has been chosen? Is it a self experience or something in general. To make it more specific this is based on a true story but instead of narrating the story as a blog post i would like to just share the wisdom and the realizations which i got to learn from the event. Exactly one week ago from today, i.e Tuesday, 27th March 2012 i went through a drearily bullying experience which was on the new initiative i took to start a new blog. The collecting poetry in 4 lines on daily basis by the twitter mates and friends all around who are interested. So this initiative was started around 10-12 days and it was going on well. Now as we say something when achieves success will be obviously envied by someone or the other because they don’t have the same Courage or that fire to take the step and do it. More over they try to CRITICIZE the person, his/her initiative and make him feel depressed, low and compel the person to Buck off and leave. Now here is where the Self Confidence Checking starts, also that courage is tested which took so long to start it. We feel that people have the power to make us or break us but the Reality is “We Make Ourselves and No One Can Break Us Till We Decide to Get Broken “. This happened at a time where no one was around who could come and support me and it was foolish of me to expect that some one would come and help me or protect me. But the fact is you need to face the situations yourself. In your Life no one came and told that do this, so why at the time of your problems someone should save you? Obviously, you would expect a little from your closed ones to be with you at least to make you realize what is going on and how to react to it. Now this is the point where i want to quote few of my twitter mates whose presence, support and some eye opening facts made me bold and face the situation well and today i am over the problem, have the courage to face it whenever if i face it again and a realization that if there is success there has to be a possibility of “Criticism”. Everyone has the right to express their views and no one can object on their views and in this case the real meaning of the quote- “Ignorance is Bliss” works at its best. Following are some recognitions i would like to mention who themselves are not only the examples of being genuine but have also faced some where or the other some consequences of the same time.

As per @iYatinGupta, one of my twitter buddies he quoted “Fight your own battles alone”. On the very first not i was set aback because may be he was the one i was expecting the most to be on MY side which he denied that he wouldn’t be on anyone’s side but frankly that made me realize that its not him being aside from the situation but may be wants me to face the consequences and learn something out of it. No doubt in one way or the other he made few points in public which were general but still a bit concerned towards me making things more clear. This buddy met on twitter has himself gone through disputes and witnessed many of the quarrels on twitter. I had and will always respect this person for making me realize the importance of facing every situation myself and not depend on others. Also he had told that “When you start an initiative, be ready to face the wrath”.

As per @SunitaNahar, another twitter mate, friend, guide and a woman of strength, she told me to pacify myself and to keep my calm. These situations were normal and to face such people is a part and parcel of Life. That day she was also the one who pacified me and supported, also said if she was any how connected to those people she would have screwed them. She too has much Respect from me always. Thanks Sunita ji.

Also @DMysticFille_, one of my close friends from twitter who has always supported me in and around the 4 line poetry blog and has been the critique always for the changes on the blog also when came to know about the thing, well supported me and is a regular one for submitting the entries.

Also one of my recent good friend @tweettabulous gave a constant support to ignore the idiots and keep going on with the wonderful initiative taken.

Also last but not the least anyways, two of my old and forever besties @OhTeri_ and @TulikaP who have always been a constant encouragement to the blog, its entries and a back end support to me for suggestions and motivation who will always remain high in Respect for me.

Few tweeps i would like to mention who have always been regular to the blog and still are the charm of the blog are @kunalbaidmehta, @sumitrai100, @noddingtoMusic, @alksmehta, @moonsez.

The basic idea of writing this article is to spread a bit of light over around to be self confident, believe in your own self, you won’t be short of support and those wouldn’t be ever asked for. They always had and will believe in you unsaid and be with you whenever you need them but at last you have hit the paddle and the boat is yours so if you are the “Driver” finally you control its fate. On a last note i would like to quote something recently written by me “Many say that they don’t believe in God, but God believes in you that you will believe in him one day”. This is the kind of approach you need to have to make people believe in you. If you are right, you are successful people will bend over you but if you bend a little more you are flexible to change.

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  1. Yatin Gupta April 3, 2012 @ 10:41 am

    Hey Ashwin,

    Thanks for quoting me in your blog but buddy as I told you earlier also, it is always good to fight your battles alone, that ways you learn and see your close friends and family in a different light altogether. I am sorry that I didn't support you at that time, but I had my reasons to do that and I explained them to you.

    As far as your initiative is concerned, it is a tremendous job that you are doing. It is tough to put a foot forward and do something like this. Critics will always try to bring you down but it is your self-confidence and willing to make a difference to whatever you're seeing is what will keep you going on.

    So, I would like to wish you all the best and I'm always standing by your side with whatever you do, this thing is not meant for you only but to all those who do their work sincerely.

    Take care and all the best.

  2. JKHoNa April 17, 2012 @ 4:56 pm

    I had read this on monday probly when at work. very true and written with simple words. šŸ™‚

  3. Sunny Parampil May 9, 2012 @ 12:04 pm

    So you interspersed a life experience with reality… Interesting

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