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If i could write a thousand words~ it still would feel like an incomplete bird~ who is still unborn and in the fur. #micropoetry

Back called support is what we have~ the faith boundless in every drop of care~ the distance so long but the~dedication strong. #micropoetry

The pulp of her feelings~ mixed in to the sour and sweet drillings~ will make the most eternal~ relation ever. #micropoetry

Her eyes has those particles of the emotions~ which can make me~ feel hyponotized~ for years. #micropoetry

To the musical notes and the keys~ lies the desperation free~ every lyric today makes me miss her more. #micropoetry

Her body is not the flow~ of the stars and the comets~ but is kind of a angelic galaxy~and the steps which lay the golden gate. #micropoetry

The hearts you win~ the image you make~ its only a fake despair~ over the deeds in which you have faith. #micropoetry

One touch of Hug~ the feeling to cling and put up~ the sensous breathing~ makes it all worth. #micropoetry

That point of misunderstandin~ the love and the agony~ one word of love and kiss~ makes the most of it. #micropoetry

A slight feeling of anguish~ a still of calmness~ a deeprooted love~ that factor of Trust~ loyalty spoken~ less understood. #micropoetry

Tonight is for her~ for the one i live laugh love breathe~ for whose arms i am craving so desperate~yes Oh love i am dying 4 u. #micropoetry

The distance makes us far~ but it is the spark which~ makes us breathe every moment~ so serene. #micropoetry

Eyes i can say are more deep this time~ to make me stay here~ and even if i drown~ i will love to die. #micropoetry

The small chunks of memories we created~ and then the break happened~ to resume never ever. #micropoetry

The prince charming and~ the barbie doll she is~ and we remain the piglet and pooh. #micropoetry

Doors of heart opened back early~ to the divine sound of kisses~ and care undivided with~ sleepless nights nd thougtful dreams. #micropoetry

Time i want to spend~ in her arms and cuddle so cutely~ her hair so messy and lips glos smeared~ hugs we cheer~ love we made. #micropoetry

True love if it is~ cannot be definied~ as it lies its arms in~ the pearls of the deep ocean~ which are hard to be found. #micropoetry

Memories of the past~ are now vanished~ cos the true love~ has evolved in eternity. #micropoetry

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  1. Sunny Parampil May 9, 2012 @ 12:37 pm

    Good ones

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