Diary of the Prince (Topic suggested by Mr Debi Prasad Poddar)

Used to he keep something in his pocket always,
What he used to write no one ever knew,
Something it was he had to reveal it to the world,
But he was waiting for the right time through.

Fought he had a lot of battles hard,
never he backed a battle without a scar,
Were they the story of all the battles in those pages?
Yes he knew but it was all just within.

He had the qualities but din’t want to show the magic,
the powers made him King but he was sure of his tactics,
he never feared the day of defeat and thought can come once in his life too,
but he was ready with those secrets in his so called DIARY bru.

The D-day came and it was the Final battle,
he used all his magic and tried to win the war,
but again he opened to know what is going wrong,
and yes what made him lose were all the weaknesses written at par.

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