A Journey To A Better Worth

Planned it wasn’t but it came along the way,
I was the main player of the fantastic play,
Hands were met in those lovely days,
With those some people who had went so stray.

I never understood till it came to my light,
Why is everything going wrong but so right?
Depressed, frustrated i was for sure,
But some ways it showed me Almighty’s plight.

Met i someone strange but still so familiar,
conversed i with and fell so clear,
Frank it was and came to the lips so soon,
Yeah it was coming to the end but a new year.

Pinch and pain are the part of life we all know,
But when they convert to satisfaction with a blow,
realized i in a matter of months,
Oh boy, this is not going to be so cunt.

Went we to the limits we could,
Talked, saw, felt the heart at the woods,
Desperation couldn’t limit us so hard,
Yes this was the time to break the barriers apart.

Stab one came but now the car had started so burning,
no it was not going to stop so soon within,
Made some reason and reached the destination far,
Yes the journey felt it so joining the dots a like.

Couldn’t i sleep as the distance was not so fast,
Thoughts broke me and made me reach their in every hour,
Only thing i was thinking of so deep,
Was the so much desperate and first time meet.

First look, first smile, first blush it was,
Never it felt like the way we Hugged,
World was vanished and around it was so silent,
We were not able to leave each others panel.

Time had started of getting so much power,
Touch, feel, hug, care, kiss were at par,
Felt i blessed with the cuddling so hard,
No one can explain and so we say the love is sort of a prayer.

Yes, it came true and we were drowned in eyes mildly,
there was a sense of smile and simplicity,
the touch was so divine and pure,
Come on yes that is why it is called The Touch Therapy Cure.

Time flew by so fast and we felt Oh why can’t we block the clock?
This is coming in between us like a Rock,
No, No our heart say we can’t again depart,
But the rule of Life says, be far and generate it again a little sweet and sour.

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  1. Kriation Kriti March 5, 2012 @ 1:20 pm

    very nice ashi 🙂 its like a beautiful story 🙂

  2. varsha kalyani March 5, 2012 @ 3:44 pm

    ah!! amazing journey, lovely lines 🙂

  3. Ashwin D March 5, 2012 @ 4:45 pm

    Kriti- Thanks a tonne 🙂

    Varsha- Thanks bud 🙂

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