The Last Piece Of The Sweet Lime

Life as we all perceive is always giving us some or the other reason to worry always and most of us find it so difficult to handle it because we are not ready to face the immediate consequences. We are actually not ready to accept what life is giving us and the anticipation of remaining safe always leads to become very soft and delicate. The topic chosen here is basically to make you understand that may it be the last or the first but every part of our Life is beautiful and if it’s not we need to make it beautiful by acceptance. If we can adjust in one room flat for four person family, if we can go by public transport, if we can control the yearly budget and make it to half of what we really need why can’t we just accept that’s the way Life goes. We need not need to worry 24*7 about the improvement of our status, our lifestyle, our way of buying things because they automatically change when we are more stable and drop down if we are not having that capacity. The thing is how we measure happiness, what are our terms and conditions to achieve it and how ethically do we achieve it. A quote I read somewhere and which is a bold truth today is “The world is full of selfish people, the difference is who is less.”We are doing things for our self and to survive we can go beyond the limit of selfishness to achieve anything but where will it lead you finally at the end of life, have you ever thought of? Do you think having a fully settled life, a Mercedes parked in your lavish parking, a high end cell phone, a senior most position in an organization, a fully furnished home can give you complete satisfaction that you actually want to achieve? Do you really feel that happiness of going out with your family, doing childish things, eating to your fullest, meeting up old school mates, going to an hill station and staying in peace, having that CUTTING chai at the kitli, 4 friends smoking the same cigarette, partying hard whole night, handling hangover till two days are things which are out of your list now? Don’t you want to relive them and keep them as a continuing part of your life? Agreeing that some things change with time and responsibilities, role changes and you need to be focused but that does not mean you forget about actually LIVING UP YOUR LIFE. The major reason of choosing a topic was not to explain about Life or give a boring article on philosophy of Life but it was to just explain that acceptance makes Life easier.

Personal Experience:

As the topic taken is the last piece of the sweet lime, I would like to justify the topic with my own example. One fine day after a hectic day at college I came back home and got fresh. My mother gave me a plate of fruit which majorly had Sweet Lime, it happens that we always expect everything to be tasty as our tongue needs perfect things to be relished. So as I was eating up my fruit finally it was the last piece of the sweet lime and till now whatever I had was up to the mark taste wise or I can say moderate. Now the last piece which I had was completely tasteless but I had to finish it. So there I got an idea that even if the fruit of Life is tasty or tasteless we need to consume it as we have earned it. Same goes for Life, we have earned human birth after lacs of birth and we need to make it fruitful by Living Life To The Fullest.

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  1. Tanmay Satpathy June 12, 2012 @ 7:37 pm

    Striking resemblance with my chai post!!!

    🙂 We thinks alike.

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