Self Realization

What is the meaning of Life? What do you mean by living your Life? What does soul consciousness means? What is real meaning of the word Satisfaction? What is the purpose of your birth on this earth? Who is the real God? These are few of the many question which arise definitely in each of our hearts and minds.The basic purpose of my writing this article is to just give a tinch of the realization of what i have experienced in Life so that may be somewhere someone can have the same phase and can decide what to do next.
Most of you might have gone through some real harsh experience of having hard friendships, backstabbers trying to make you feel down, parents trying to pressurize you as much as they can, having a boring Life, being addicted to social networking due to loneliness, not clear about your Life Goals etc. This is a phase which today all the youngsters and people around age 20-30 are caught up in, we are not clear of what we want and we are going in directions where Life is taking us and which somewhat makes it obvious that when you don’t have any clear purpose you go the way which looks bright and appealing due to its shine but more of what we are doing is just pushing ourselves in direction where we never intend to go but are going due to the peer pressure.We have a next question that if we are from the middle class families who cannot afford to go the way we want to what is the option? I agree to the question and the answer is that most of us want to go in the direction of our hobbies and get mastery in that which in real sometimes is not our Goal of Life, we have to get a determined mind where really we will find satisfaction by doing what we love as the BLACKBERRY Tag says “Do What You Love,Love What You Do” same way we need to focus on the happiness that is important while we are working.Now this part was for the technical point of view that one should be aware of where one wants to go.
Next is the spiritual part which i want to share with you is that the real power of God, the Supreme Soul, the Light giver, the mind setter, the change maker, the care-taker of all.Now i know there is a mass of atheists in the world but one day i feel they will also feel the power of God and if they don’t they have not experienced the True sense in Life because unnecessarily boasting and asking credit for what you are not only responsible makes you a person full of complex, may be its just you who feels that its only you who has done and got the results for your effort and none else but this feeling is good at a level of self-confidence and not making it convert to EGO or Adamant behaviour, first of all to enter the spiritual world and have an introduction to what you are required to be is to know yourself, the question is WHO AM I? Most of you will reply as your name but the ultimare truth is that you are not a body mainly, you are a soul, a lighted soul who is in the shape of a body so when you realize that you are not a body you don’t feel bad when someone says anything to you because you are a soul. Now when you realize that you become calm and half of your problems diminish because all what creates a mess is due to your Body,so once you know you are a Light-giving peaceful soul you solve half of your problems. Secondly you need to know who God is? We all feel that mostly when we pray some idol shaped form of God and we get what we want we have more belief in that specific form of God, but the truth is that whenever all the forms of God have taken birth its just the need to spread message to the mass and that is why in different forms of Human God come and do the work of morality.We need to understand the concept that God is just a Divine form of Light and Source of Inspiration, its not needed to go to temple or do different services offering prayers to God, only thinkg needed is to remember God through your heart.
One of my personal experience i would want to share through my post is that, i in my room am having a small divine bulb, a source of Divine light i always felt who is watching me, day by day i felt it was that Light of God who is gonna help me sail through all the problems of Life, and it always does so the power the belief makes it so true, one day the switch of that bulb broke down due to the spring of the switch failed, i felt low and i told my parents to fix it any how the other day cos till then my belief in it was so strong that i used to talk with God through that medium.Next day when i came home from out i saw the bulb was in its place and the switch was compeltely fine, i firstly went to my parents to ask if they called an electrician for the repair but they denied that no one has been called for it.I came up and shockingly was just watching that bulb that when you believe in something it really works and i got this as a very big example of the existence of God.Every problem has a solution and it can be sorted out if you really are determined to share it with the PARAMATMA(God).Once you are through this all of your above questions will be answered and you will never feel left out from the world.
This was just a small note from myside to just express how the belief got more and more strong in the almighty and thought this may help someone in Life ahead.For now i will say just one quote “Spread Love Spread Peace Cos That Is What For You Are Never Gonna Lease”
Ashwin Dodani

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  1. Aparajita Singh October 10, 2012 @ 7:12 pm

    True very true! never leave the belief! God always does everything for your good and self realization is what people lack đŸ™‚

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