Missed You

Feeling in my heart and how hard it could hurt,
Never had i thought that this will be the result,
You have gone so far and i can’t hear you clear,
Come on why have you left me with these tears?

Are you happy with your life so charming?
Has life given you everything so overwhelming?
Don’t you ever miss my hug and the cuddling?
Oh!don’t hide it please you have to tell me.

Feeling of love can never beat anything,
Relations are precious you have to accept,
Any experience of life it might be but you can’t live without these,
Don’t be stubborn and ruin your life so calmly.

Bond of love and its faith,trust,peace we had,
Do you feel it the same or more comfortable ahead?
Why have you compromised with your life so easily?
Now is the time to have your meal as a family.

Moving on has never made anyone the same as before,
Pretending is never going to reap you the sweet,
Live the life as you were with anyone though,
But never miss someone badly and make one’s life a misery.

Emotions have played a very crucial role everywhere,
Without its presence beast is what becomes a man,
Living that life is nevertheless going to fetch you anything,
Leave the EGO or as you say SELF-RESPECT and live life carefree.

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  1. varsha kalyani November 5, 2011 @ 2:08 pm

    i can feel the vibes of a heartbreak!!
    but that's pretty normal nowadays, it brings out a writer too. good attempt.

  2. Ashwin D November 5, 2011 @ 10:44 pm

    Thanks vibi! 🙂

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