Alone & Unique

Phase of a life faced by all and still no option left,
Work you for hours and still have the insecurity of theft,
Living you earn for the family all know but still is it enough?
Why is that then you toil,fall,get hurt and still go work?

Hard will you work and get success sure is your belief,
Happiness is going to be seen with your family’s seek,
Oh my child but yet miles to go again you think,
And is this enough to live and make some for the gratuity?

Position you reach too high and silence enters your life so dark,
Everyone is asleep when you reach home for the spark,
Emotions,love,relation are going far away from you,
But still you want to work and get somewhere embark?

Fame and wealth you earnt so much that noone can even touch you,
But wealth is the meaning where the loved ones can hug you,
Deeds will matter at the end of your life oh boy,
Why are you making yourself fool every day and get drunk?

Smoothness of the sand you can feel as you see your relations go flow,
Also the quicksand is drowning you from the peaks you have gone,
What does it mean now when you realise this so late?
There is never-ever everytime a dawn waiting for your break.

Still you got time come get back and live the moments precious,
Smiles will give you the fruit of life and you can find it delicious,
Satisfaction you will feel what does the word mean in your life’s phase,
And one day you will have your own son to teach this case meritorious.

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  1. Radz February 10, 2011 @ 2:19 pm

    Okay this one: Womaigaad 🙂 Experimenting yuvaar. Superb! Loved the lines.

  2. Ashwin D February 12, 2011 @ 8:12 pm

    Thanks A laat 🙂

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