Trust- Myth/Fate

Relationships is the word i want to start this article with and want to discuss some main topics where in the word trust
prevails and i want to become more clear about this because today this word has become a game for the youth or i will also
say the grown-ups as the word is its losing its worth in the world among the people and in our perception.In day to day
life we see many people oour friends our cousins our relatives or many people in a relationship and we feel thats good
enough because their is someone to take care of the other and the couple will be happy with each other on a longer term
but no what i have observed with many of them around is that relationships lacks trust and thats where today the relations
don’t make up longlasting and they break up soon because of the minor misunderstandings and the different myths and the
things to whinch they listen around their surroundings about relationships.Many of them start on a very good note and feel
that all is going in their way and everything is going to be okay at the end but they could also not make it to the end due
to very immature reason and are suffering in different corners of the world fighting with their life just to live and let
live and maitain the integrity of their family tradition and the family’s relegious beliefs.
The main idea of this topic which i am writing is that to throw light on some major points which are lacking in
a pure true relationship and what is going wrong with the duo’s where they don’t have faith in each other and they decide
to leave and go on the path of loneliness and suffer.Today i feel the exact opposite is going on what used to happen in the
earlier times as in the boys were not loyal and were playing with the emotions of the girls and they din’t respect the
girl’s emotions,feelings and used to just play with them as a toy and dump them as a garbage and move on to the next where
as today i see the boys are more loyal to the relationship and want a girl which is truly dedicated to him and only be his
and maintains that transparency with the guy and be loyal but that trueness has not remained in the latter of women as what
is the reason i don’t know but this is a harsh fact and it is going on in the world right now.My point is not to criticise
the feminine or masculine but my point is that what should a boy or a girl expect now-a-days in a realtionship? Be it be trust,
love,faith,dedication or what not but they couldn’t find them in most of them on a further stage and one feels that one has
taken a wrong decision in life and some of them step back and some of them move ahead with the hope that things will improve
with time but it doesn’t happen and the rest of life is a repentance.Today life and its effects have become merely a destiny
and something which was always unpredictable but now it has become more of difficult because if you go on your way and choose
a partner and then you find it that the things are not working you suffer and if you are pressurised by family and you marry
someone strange you might not be satisfied on a later stage and the life becomes just a word “Compromise” so there is no option
left with us that we can make sure about life,yes there are ways and instincts where you can judge the person but thats not
the skill with everyone and all cannot make it up to the right person.The lack of trust,faith,dedication,worship has badly
affected the relationships in today’s life and its going to affect the future generations too because its in our blood and
thats gonna pass to the coming generation and with every coming generation its gonna worsen because we can see the detrimental
effect now itself so what we can else expect with the future generations?
There are also cases where many of them do not believe in relationships only and they go on in life obtaining just
their goals and achievements and they feel nice and happy because they are free from this and they can make it up to their and family’s
expectations but the thing is that no one has survived happily nor can without a supporting hand and soemone to guide you
as a partner to go in a path which is suitable for you because when someone is attached to you or lives with you knows you
more than you and know where you can make the mark and where you will fall so its a very basic requirement of life to have
a purpose of life and live a life of purpose so that you can have million reasons to smile enjoy life because its a valuable
gift from god and we have to prove ourselves and leave this clothe called Body and meet the “Supreme Father” that is almighty.
On the end of the note i would just like to give my opinion that human birth
is obtained very rarely and once it is obtained just prove you worth and believe in yourself rather getting influenced
by the people around because when you “BE YOURSELF” people love you for that and will never change because its the real you
and which is in your roots and your Sanskaar so thats not gonna change so just live a life of a gem and leave the world
peacefully and make all proud who all are related to you because when you were born many expectations too were born.

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  1. Ashwin Here January 11, 2011 @ 11:13 pm


  2. ReeMs DodWaN! January 12, 2011 @ 11:31 am

    I hope… Youth's should understand this… Because in relationship … both have to put their efforts.. kehte hai na..'taali ek hath se nahi bajti..'Both should understand this for a healthy relationship…but atlast what destiny decides we should accept it with open arms..

  3. Amit January 12, 2011 @ 11:36 am

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  4. Ashwin D January 12, 2011 @ 11:38 am

    @Ashwin-thanks brother
    @Reemz-Exactly thats why ive covered all topics which currently all are facing..
    thanks for reading guys

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