Mother’s Nurture

From the word “Mother” we all are familiar from always and also the one’s who really have no idea who is a mother(in regards to orphans) its something a deeprooted thing that the most caring person in this world or the most defencing,protecting creature of the world is mother.We also know most of the times the newborn which is like a palm-size which grows slowly with that care of the mother touch gets so used to the mother that he is always expecting some or the other thing from her whenever she is around and thats obviously food for that little angel which is very common and we may feel that the baby doesn’t understand those things but the very truth is the person who is around the person who have that warmth from the birth the person who takes utmost care is the one the child can understand very well and will always react when the mother is around.Also we know most of the times the first word from the child’s mouth is MAA or PAA because they are the ones who are continuously around him/her and are constantly with that mighty being to take care and carress the little one with all the love one could give to that baby.

The basic idea of writing this article is that how and what the mother does for the child since birth is like incomparable to whosoever is taking care from the birth becaus the nerves the blood is related to the mother so its so much connected that we have also seen in many movies that if anything wrong happens with the childd the mother gets a vibe that something or the other is going wrong with her child and he/she is in a problem which she should get him/her out of.The reason is that since birth the amount if attention the amount of fear that nothing happens to the kid is maximum and the insecurity is just infinite till the infant grows in to a younger child and it goes on even if the child becomes of age 50 because for mother age is no bar and a child remains a child always for the mother and never is grown up because the generation and the experience is always gonna be helpful to him and mistakes will always be done by him so one should always understand the importance of a mother and realise the worth ever because one can never go through the pain what mother goes through while giving birth to the time you are not properly settled in your life,the way she pampers you the way she eats less and makes you eat full,the way she remains awake whole night to just see that you are sleeping peacefully,all these things the Self-less love is only in the blood of the mother which is found in any mother in this world,now many of you might think that its not with every mother and according to different experiences with their parents but which is the place where the two generations don’t clash,where do thinking always matches,one has just to be patient and explain the trend and make the parents try and understand what is going in the world and what it was earlier,many or most of them would really support you when they are approached with love,care and politeness.

The thing in today’s generation is that everyone wants everything according to them and with that firm stubbornness that what so ever happens they gonna achieve that and then only take a breath which is a wrong approach to anything in the world,when ur passion or your wish becomes a mere stubbornness it creates hell lot of mess and can never fetch you favourable results and lead you to negativity and youngsters go take wrong steps and then repent their whole life which is totally not expected by anyone.The only thing we are needed to understand that everyone has his own day and the generation passed and the coming generation would definitely be different so why not to just adjust with the situation and go along as ‘Life Always Moves On’ and this is the reality we need to accept and drill it in our minds as soon as possible to live a life which is full of life rather than a life full of repentance.

Finally to the end of this note i would just like to suggest all of you that put your energies in a positive direction to what you need and achieve it and then remain satisfied and secondly try not to be short tempered because with my personal experience things done in anger are always i emphasize always wrong and fetches only pain.So just go live your life happily,achieve great heights,respect your family and loved ones and pass away like a wind that no one even realises or remembers you with any evil fate. God Bless All And I Wish You All Have A Happy Life..

HAPPY NEW YEAR- – – ->Ashwin

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