“CFL” is a word you all might have heard i suppose and the first thing which comes to mind hearing this word would
be light, lamp or something which gives light in a cheaper cost. Right? Here as i write a CFL theory has some or the
other thing related to the same concept but with a broader meaning and related to life and its experiences with all
of us in routine.My concept with the CFL means

Now today on a very special day thats my birthday i would like to share all my knowledge regarding these three words which
for sure enlighten our lives and give us the best of our life in their own perspective and all of us in life are some
or the other way familiar with these words and have experienced much regarding all these in some or the other ways.I just
want to throw light on some of these very important terms so that in life whenever one goes through these phases in life
should be aware that these are really the pearls which are priceless and serve our life as light.

Firstly as the word “C=Career” is a very very known word for us and most of us since birth are so much pressurized
regarding focusing on the career and to do something in life and make our life worth and prove ourselves and have a great
future.No doubts as per our age as we grow we know the realities of our life and know the importance of career in our
life and we give our best or sometimes we don’t but the fact is that in life the more we concentrate on our career,
the more we are focused about our life and its future the less we have to toil in the latter life and the more smoothly
we can sail in our life and can give a happy life to our partner and children and get a life free of insecurities and
tensions and lead a happy life, no doubts with age we do not find it important because the surroundings,the interests
the distractions and there are millions of things which do not allow us to remain focused on to the career but later
we do repent that at that time if i would have done that it would have been so easy now but as said “Time Gone Can Never
Come Back” so till we have time in our hands and time to improve our mistakes, we should now on give the best and make
the life and future more easy-going and healthy.

Secondly the word comes “F=Friendship” is something which everyone has experienced a lot in their lives and have gone
through many circumstances in life but i just want to say that when once you get true friends and i mean the real geniune
ones one should retain them forever,and why i am enforcing on this because when we get on in our monotonous lives we do
not have time for them but if we have geniune friends in life no matter you give them just a minute a week they will feel
obliged and will give you the same and you will also feel connected to their worlds and can remain posted to their lives
and vice-versa.To have friends in life is easy but to have TRUE friends is a hard practice because they are really hard
to find and once we get them losing them is like the sand from the hand which you cannot catch again because they mix with
the other sand and go missing life-time,so on this note just wanted to say a line which is very famous:
“A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed”.

Lastly the word “L=Love” is the very important foundation of our lives and without which one cannot achieve all the above
things i just discussed in a true sense because this is the main key to all the locks and don’t get me wrong because i am
not just talking in the sense of a partner of our life but the self-less love one should maintain in life and always
should keep giving in all the relations because the world is round and whatever you give is gonna come back to you in one
or the other form so without thinking one should always give love and peace because they form the bold foundation of a
true and a worthful life and one should always be helpfull to others because the amount of satisfaction you will recieve
in giving others is enormous believe me because i have felt that and its my personal experience that to see someone happy
because of you is a feeling so good as if you have earned something and in broader sense if you look by doing the good
‘Karma’ its obvious that you have earned god’s blessings and for sure you are gonna reap it soon when you are in need,so
even not in greed of achieving something but one should always give and spread love because one can always spread food,
money,clothes and all the materials one can need but today in this world there is opulent amount of money and no time for
love so if you spread something which no one has time to spread you will be the most blessed human and you will surely be
noticed by the almighty and will be taken in to that father’s arms with peace.I know this is something which is hard to
believe and for some it might be like something very false because of their experiences but to the fact that there is
none who has not gone through the bad times and not seen problems in life,god always tests all to see their capacities
and judges them accordingly so if one proves themselves by attempting all his exams with bold faith he,even being the
principal of all will see your courage and make you pass through the examination of your Life.

To the end of this note i would like to just spread a message to the humanity that,”Life is too short to live and
we have very less time to spread love so the more you spread love the more you live in the millions of hearts and
whenever your soul leaves the body it never dies and is alive in the millions of hearts to whom you spread love,
so always be alive in those millions of beating hearts because they too will spread and keep you alive forever”


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  1. hatts February 14, 2011 @ 12:57 pm

    WOOHHHOoo……ur poemsss too will SPREAD n will live LONGGG!!!!

  2. Ashwin D February 14, 2011 @ 1:03 pm

    Thanks Dear 🙂
    Keep Reading 🙂

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