Is It The Memories Or The Person?

Many of you might be thinking from the title of the note that what does it mean? or what is it in regards to as in life, friendship, love or anything else.Well we can take it any sense because in our life we all go through all these phases sooner or later and we come to know hard realities of life and all the facts which will help us to give a better life or more of a better future. All of us go through the phase where we enjoy the friendship and somehow feel its the best relation the best feeling one can ever experience and also somewhere we als get some bitter experiences also in this matter and we dont trust people in life coming in the later stage soon because we got some real good memories with our old mates but like whenever we remember the moments spent with them, the gala times with our buddies we just want to like remain in those memories only and dont wanna come out of it because on remembering also we get so in to that moment that we are enjoying the same fun as in real but when we come in to the present from the flashback we find ourselves so lonely and lost in this world in search of better life, better amenities of life and things which we felt would give us the utmost satisfaction in life but we then realise things are never gonna give us the same joy the same feeling which we can get from the real ones but then whom should we blame for the pain the memories or the selfish friends who ditched us, who left us stray in this world after there purpose from us is over? we can never blame the memories because they are atleast once who take you back to those “Golden Moments” where you really lived your life to the fullest and had some great fun in your life.

With the same aspect and the topic we can see that in the matter of a relationship.A relationship is where one gives the fullest of his life and can do anything for the one whom he/she loves but again there are cases where the love the relation the dedication or the trust is not true and if we are having the fullest dedication we suppose that the other would also have the same as we are giving the same and would realise one day that what we deserve what we expect from him/her but this is where the pain comes the pinch of the expectations the hard fact of the other person who betrayed you or dint live up to your expectations just crushes you and give you a punch that hard that you feel half burried in to the quicksand and feel you could never come out of that but its all upon your mindset that if you really wanna come out of that or just die in that sand.In matter of love also when we remember someone who was your past and we just close our eyes remembering the one and the time spent with that person we actually get the same excitement of that same moment you spent abd you really feel you could go back to the moment and live it again but the reality is something else and you get hurt but then as per i said the mindset,it can create miracles for someone who is determined and can do anything to improve one’s life and get on to a better track where one will succeed only and consider the bitter experiences as a teaching for him/her and not the slap of destiny to him/her for the deeds.Its just on you how you take things in life and how you convert them to your betterment.

The main idea of this note is to make people understand that harsh experiences in life are not the end of life but the starting because the more you get on with these the more you become tougher the more you can fight with the coming difficulties with intensity far more than the former ones.So just have a positive attitude in life towards your harsh facts and move on in life because the more you stay with them the more you suffer and the faster you come out of them the more new oppurtunities you get in life to get happier with!!Its all in the head,just remember this and you can reach any point you want to and can generate the highest peaks in the world!!

On the last note i just got a thought in my mind as said, “If god is helping you he knows you are unable to do it,but if he is not then he has faith in you,dont let him down”


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