Friendship- Boon Or Curse

Friend is such a word that whenever we hear it a very different kind of feeling rises in our heart and senses because
as per the experience of everybody regarding friendship is different and everyone has a different story in their minds
with this subject. On discussion about the same everyone gets so excited and want to show and explain what all one has
gone through and one cant resist keeping their point of view and want to prove oneself right and their friends with whom
they have got some awful experiences wrong and which is but-natural and according to the human tendency one will always
protect and defence one self and try to justify their point and prove oneself right always but the thing is the word
friend has always been a different meaning to each and every person. As if for one a friend would be a life-giver and
to the contrary to some one else would be a mere formal, a hi-bye friend. My basic idea here is to just categorize or more
of explaining to all is that a friend is one who will always support which cannot be always true but in most of the cases
i have observed that friends(True) are someone who will really choose to be with us only when they really think they match
up with you and really want to share your and their life with each other and enjoy the life together in all aspects.

Some of you or may be all of us have gone through some phase where a very good friend of yours have betrayed you in life
and you go totally blank on realising that the one whom you really trusted the most or probably who was everything for you
once did such with you and was unexpected in life for you but did you ever thought that the dedication, the trust you had in
that friend,was that the same in return for you? Was it really the bestest friend you could ever get in your life? NO!!
Because we feel that if one is good with you initially will never be bad with you ever which is wrong because you cannot
trust everyone who will be good to you initially,it is your duty to judge the person in your life because at the end you
are gonna suffer the most if they dont live upto your expectations and leave you somewhere middle of the life and you feel
the sky has fallen on you.And you keep on blaming that one has done so wrong with you and always keep on saying i did this,
i did that and still he/she did so with me but who told you to do so before analysing the person deeply.As life friends are
also such who surprise you at any point of time and can be both ways Bad surprises and Good Surprises but you have to be
prepared for what all you are gonna recieve in life.

We see group of friends hanging out and having fun and we feel that these guys are really lucky that they have so many
friends and they are so happy but that is the apparent look you are just watching because there are cases when you will
find that even such groups dont have real close friends in them and they dont really share there real life and are
just friends to meet and have fun with,which i personally do not consider friendship because the definition of friendship
is to support,is to care,is to be there when one needs,is to give your shoulder to cry,is to be that stregnth on the
basis of which the other has the confidence to do anything for anyone and the other friendships are just fake which cant
be said friendship in real meaning!

To the last note i would like to share a personal feeling and experience of mine that “A real friend will never leave you
till you leave him,and will be your friend at any cost when you get back to that friend again after you get stabbed from
the fake ones”


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