Experiences Transform Lives..

Whenever we see all the people around us we always feel that his/her life is so simple and easygoing and we always kinda compare our life with the others and try to prove ourselves that we are going through the hard times,but what the ugly truth is of life that whoever we take as an example in life we will always find his/her life very simple on the outlook but the reality of that person’s life will not be shown with that outlook and the inner pains would always be known only when you will have a hearty conversation with that person.

All of us individually when look in to our lives and try to analyse ourselves we always find that we can do almost 10 times better than what we are performing right now,but then why is it so that the desired output is not achieved,what is that force which is not allowing us to give our 100 percent result in our day to day exams of life and why is it we are getting depressed seeing others doing well in the same field or same part of life.The main thing or power which will help us guide and pass through every exam of life is our inner soul and when we once get friendly with our inner soul no one can stop us from achieving what we want in our life and what is our ultimate goal,but sometimes its not that all of us can communicate with the inner soul and not get any answers about life and we keep on finding solutions in life for the better prospects,but to get closer to the concscience we need to give time to ourselves and try to know at times what out heart says in some matters and try experiencing its results in our daily life and its experiences then and then only you will be able to know that you are going in the right direction or not,because till then u will not be able to judge only that you know what you doing or not and will continuously get confused on these all matters.

The Inner Soul helps realise our divine powers and make us feel the heights that we can achieve through our powers but till we realise what we can do sometimes its too late to make it happen or sometimes we just dont want to do it because we feel there is no worth doing that because we feel so depressed that we dont want to try anything and we just sit in a dark room repenting on what we have lost rather than waking up and giving it again a try and make it happen. Here it is where we humans fall and give up where the real inner self should help you and try make you give the powers to keep trying till you succeed and that Fire will only help you achieve your goal. You cant expect life to be as simple as you want and stil expecting all what you want to achieve in life so easily and handy,as it is said “Agar Kisi Cheez Ko Tum Dil Se Paana Chaho Toh Puri Kaaynat Tumhe Usse Milaane Main lag Jaati Hain”. So till you wont show the desire to achieve the ultimate goal of life how will the nature support you to achieve it. Just ask this question to yourself daily and at every that second when you feel low,when you want to give up,when you feel life is finished,You cant go anymore further,and etc and see the power you get to do all those things which you were always able to do but dint because of the weak Inner Soul!!

So just pull up your socks,give you inner soul a powerful start and dont rest till you achieve the Ultimate Goal Of Your Life and go prove yourself that you are a WINNER!!


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