One Sided Love

When in this world we find hundred of topics to read,learn or write we probably might not be able to see those beings who are just hiding their feelings,who are just pretending to be normal, who are just happy when people are around them, who feel their life is with their freinds, their family but few of them not all i will say are those who have the heartiest feelings going on in their mind 24*7 about someone special in their life who might have given a pause to their lives at some point of life and then they could not make it up to them!!

These beings are also normal as we all are but somehow they might be strong enough then us because love is such kind of feeling where the heart goes out of control and mind is the cop to arrest the heart and keep it in prison and to stop it from going further, but still such kind of people are one who have great guts because in todays world noone probably is able to control their feelings about someone and even though knowing there is no way out and no future they just keep on trying till the last second abd just hope if it can happen, but one who loves other immensely and doesnt needs or fears to show his/her feelings to the other often repent in future about not conveying their feelings to the one they ever loved and probably would love their entire life, this may be called as a hidden first love kind of but one needs hell lot of patience to hide it and see the one daily and even then having no courage to go speak it up!!

Sometimes as i say even when people speak it up to the close ones or the ones they love truly they dont get positive response and they get depressed and try to end up their life and think what not to just finish up their life which is really insane probably not for all but still one must try to understand that having liking for someone is good but you cant enforce the other to have the same feeling for you,may be you are not just the one for them and they may find someone else for their life, here when on seeing this and realising that concept of true love is to see the one happy whom you love comes, and one who will understand this wont ever try to end up his/her life nor would think malous for the other person because you love them and want their happiness!!

God in every form of love,kindness,care,joy,sadness,happiness,hardships etc wants to make us know that whatever happens life goes on and on and you are the one who has come in this world to fullfil ur duties regarding to all of the relations around you and dur to one relation you cant give it a finish line on not getting one single achievement! For example if we dont get success why do we keep trying harder to get something again and again because we really have the desire to achieve it so is the case in love, when one is not successful in getting love you should think over it calmly and try to give maximum love you can because that is why you are here in this beautiful world so why not to give it a shot rather than finishing it and prove that you are unsuccessful!!

LOVE is a very amazing feeling or i must say an mindblowing form of god which always multiplies when you spread it and lessens if you dont, so try to go on a bigger picture and think that to spread love will always fetch you more love and you will never remain uncontended in life and also you wont get time to be depressed, because the more you will give love it will automatically come back to you in some or the other form,so why not indulge in this beautiful act and make your life more worth and peaceful rather than repenting on not getting love of one single person when millions are ready to surround you and take you in their arms!!

At the end i would just like to convey that life is the name of spreading love even thought you dont get it because you will only understand the idea of love when you start giving it and once you start giving it you will realise how magical it is and what all it can do for you!!


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