Care- Deeprooted Definition

Since i like being phiolosophical and always giving my views on different topics, yesterday i thought about care and after like brooding over different forms of it i thought of sharing it with all my friends whom i would like to probably have a look over this note and try and understand the deeprooted meaning of the gesture!!

First of all as i would like to start with a very common but a very must form of care which is by the PARENTS for their children.Parents as all say and most of might u have experienced are the form of god for all of us and the amount of good they can think for us is the most anyone can do or even think to do for us,parents are regarded as god cos they are with a golden heart and whenever u will even pluck them out of ur life,they wil still think of u only staying wherever,if they wil come to u back,u can shout on them and deny to stay but even whenever u leave them and come back to them they ever wont deny cos they always think u as much important as their body or the soul!!

Secondly A very different but a common form is a care from a FRIEND,now one can think that this one is common too but the thing to specify here is that when we call some one a BESTIE(Best Friend) some times we dont mean it and still we say it just for the sake of maintaining the friendship but to be a BESTIE means to habdle everything of the other person with that much priority as u do it for ur own,i have seen many cases where BESTIES turn out to be JUST FRIENDS but Friends to BESTIE is a rare case and may be it is obvious cos till U find that best person in ur life with whom u can share all ur feelings and ur life is difficult to find but,as we say we can even find THE ALMIGHTY if we just try! So If u ever get a friend in whom u can see the potential of being ur BESTIE please never let the one Go!

Thirdly i will say a very lovable form of care,which is of the LIFE PARTNER,sometimes the word expectations and care get so much messed up that we are not able to make up that is it that we are caring over or the expectations of the other person are unlimited but the thing goes as when u care for the one from ur deepest heart the positive vibrations go in the other person and the one will realise ur worth and try and give u the same,but patience in todays world is lost so we always feel we are the only one doing for the other and the other person is not upto our expectations but we should try to understand that to make a relation work we firstly have to be self-less and atleast till we are totally in the heart of the other person we should wait and give the other person time to TRUST us, to have FAITH on us, to think and value the IMPORTANCE of us in his/her life then and t hen only the person will have the excitement to do everything for u as u do for him/her!!But some times we can say this doesnt work as many of u might not agree with the above so if it is so the other answer is to talk with that other person with utmost love and affection of what u are looking for and what do u expect cos this is real world and 90% of the people or i must say 95% wil say obviously “I WILL ALSO EXPECT NA” so its better to be polite and like consoling the other with the misunderstandings and to try out checking all the problems which are creating differences and to sort it with love and CARE and u are done,then u will feel u are the most Luckiest to have each other!!

Fourthly care of the ELDERS(Grand Parents) for the kids,we all might have gone through the experiences of the love and care of our ELDERS that how much they worry if we are not home on time,or how much they care of our life and what we are upto,but in todays world all this has taken the face of INTERFERING in our life by them,instead of thanking them we consider they are interfering and trying to show us down but the real idea is to show us the protective measures and to guide u to the right way!So always Keep Loving Ur Elders Cos when they pass away,we really sulk and memorize how they used to pamper us and do anything for our wishes!!

Fifth and the last but the most strong form of cAre-God,The Almighty,Allah,Bhagwan,Jesus Christ,Mahavir,Krishna,Ram,Hanuman and innumerable.. These are jus some forms we believe in and some of u might be disbeliever also and think whhy to pray to an idol who cant even listen or feel what we all feel,but the main idea of the god,the omnipresent,is to make u understand the same logic that when u will believe in a thing all say idol(non-living) then and then only u will have the power to believe in ursefl,cos u will then only think that i can do it and also feel right Where There is a Will THere is A Way, its his form of testing u,to just see how much one believes in him/herself and try the task or any situation with the fullest he/she can, so if u believe in urself,god will automatically gie u the divine powers to perform anywhere u want and to achieve but with that success the main idea is to see hw much of us can give the credit to almighty and thank him for blessing us with the powers,very few of us i must say would be praying daily or thanking god everyday or everyother day for keeping us safe in this world, all might have experienced with some or the other toughest problems of the life but have u ever thought why u are going through all such, have u ever stopped and given urself a minute to just analyse what is going wrong and why am i suffering? these are some of the questions of which u must get the answer on ur own rather than blaming each other and accusing the other of being in fault.Just analyse urself where u stand, what should be changed in u so that u never go through the same phase again, so that u dont have to get in to the mess again and play the Blame GAme!! God has Given Us such a beautiful life, so many awesome forms of people around you,so many things to do to make ur life more blessed, so just understand its value and make the Best Of Ur Life and go to the Ultimate Soul-FAther!!

So at the end of the note,i would just like to request u all to give ur life a chance,rewind ur life from now to the earliest u can and analyse urself,find out just ur mistakes,just go through the situations where u gave up,places u quitted only where u were found guilty of doing something wrong, just please try and understand the idea of the note and jus give ur life some space and After u feel u have finished analysing and u are ready, jus imrpovise and give it a kick start again!! 🙂


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