Love V/s Lust

From the deep roots of heart love begins,
n the lust sees no siblings,
n goes on the hardest path for the attainment,
while lust has the only one aim n excitement.
Bonds,limits and seperations is not seen by lOve,
whIle lusT remAins in The cOver above,
to feEl the exact mOment lOve wAits,
n lUst is all about waitin to get pAid!!
Enormous is less wOrd for imAgination of lovE,
n naRrowness is seEn by da thOughts of lUst-cOre,
whEre love sees the time to meEtin of sOul,
lusT wants tHe physicAl mOuld!!
lOvE is seEn in the blessings Of all,
n lUst defines tHe hungerand cAll,
n lOve cAn gO a million milEs,
whiLe lust can gO for anyone on the tIle!
lOve can Be a part Of lUst,
buT lust can never be a Part or whole for lOve,
buT tOdays worLd sees no whole or paRt,
iT jus wAnts the wAy lIfe gOes!!

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