A Quiet Sunday!

From The Last Glass Of Vodka Which Makes The Sound,

There Still Lies Some Dizziness On The Round,
Of Some Saturday When;Had Been To Pub
But Now I Cant Cos May Be I Am A Hub.
First Light Ray Of Sun When It Shines,
From Other Days, Its Of Another Kind,
Cos When It Sprinkles & Splashes Ur Face’s Hard Line,
You Wonder Oh Ma God Its 9!!
But Someday When Birds Don’t Chirp,
And You Imagine Some Sound Of Sulk,
Then U Feel Someone’s In Trouble & want Help,
But Then Get Back As U Wanna Hug.
When Sounds Of Tv Feels Irritating,
And Fights Of Neighbours Get Devastating,
U Wanna Go & Get On Easy Chair,
And Think Of Life Where To Get Fair.
So As The Day Gets To The End,
Again Have To Think Of Pile Up There,
To Get A Boost Up For The Work,
And Not Have Such Weekend Despair.

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