MEDIORKER PHASE- (Time When A Relation Is In Its Middle)

Amazing Is The Way Almighty Plans Life,
Sometime Its Loose Sometimes Its Tight,
No One Can Judge No One Can Rule,
Its Somewhere Human Is Fooled.

Giving Up Sad Moments & It Lightens Up As Light,
And Lightning Up Immediately Blows Off Bright,
Who Judges The Timing Of Whatever Happens,
Answer Comes Away Its Voice From Heaven.

Soul Is A Medium Through Which He Gives A Chance To Prove,
And Even He Allows To Freak And Groove,
Managing All At Once He Expects From Us,
And We Try To Give The Fullest Thrust!

Then He Blesses Us To Get A Support Of Life Through,
Where The Relation Is Committed Holy And True,
Understanding, Truth And Love The Committed Desire,
Then Where Does Sometimes The Fruitful Go. . .

Questions Arise, Questions Do Fall,
Misunderstandings, Misconception, Quarrels And All,
Through The Couple Make Their Way,
To Lead A Life Happy And Gay.

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