Some say its body,some say its skin,
But he is only one,who knows what lies within,
Colour,Caste,Creed they differentiate with;
But Cant they understand its all a myth

Feeling that rises from a point of time,
Pushes us towards it so we get aleast a chime;
Every single body has wish to reach in;
And So evrybody tries to go best place & get in.

Materialistic things, & things which shine,
Attract most people like an addict to wine;
But one who knows inner truth;
Will never run and wait for his time.

Actual Treasure no one knows where it lies,
But its in the soul foundation in our likes;
Soul is what which pushes us to desires;
And true thing is to get in to peace.

Transformation of soul’s wish to our wishes,
Does the great almighty and empowers us;
To be strong and reach our goals;
Which ultimately fullfils his own empire.

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  1. Jaibala Rao February 10, 2017 @ 9:40 am

    So true, what matters is what lies within rather than what we show. What what lies within is only a desire to be the best possible version of us.
    Jaibala Rao recently posted…The Page TurnedMy Profile

    • adodani February 17, 2017 @ 3:18 pm

      Indeed 🙂

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